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October 2021

Where Shyam meets Shiva: How night ragas unravel the several destinations where the two emerge together
- Sumati Mehrishi
The night ragas of Hindustani music represent that space where Krishna and Shiva appear to merge in a bhakta's imagination.

The tumult in Afghanistan threatens to silence the musical legacy that gave India so much
- Malini Nair
The cultural interplay between India and Afghanistan transformed the rabab into the sarod and inspired klasik music. What happens to this heritage now?

What dancers can learn from La Meri’s focus on the global spectrum of dance
- Nancy Wozny
While I was maintaining a Eurocentric line of study, I was also deeply immersed in the work of La Meri, the first American to travel extensively to learn dances from all over the world and perform those dances back to the world. 

Devadasi Tradition: The Occult Origins of Mohiniyattam- Part 12
- Nirmala Paniker
Devadasi tradition was a part of Kerala temples as well, shows history, though they were more respected and were even made queens, at times. 

The Occult Origins of Mohiniyattam – Part 13
- Nirmala Paniker
A slew of treatises of yore and temple inscriptions are enough indications of the numerous dance forms staged in temples, the traditions of which might have influenced the evolution of Mohiniyattam. 

Odissi’s crowning glory
- Shyamhari Chakra
The intricately-crafted tahia in place of fresh flowers as hair ornament is a fairly recent addition.

Tough not rough: Show your dancers compassion without compromising teaching standards
- Kathleen Mcguir
While the days of slapping students’ legs with a cane have become part of (recent) history in dance training, a “leave it at the door” mentality persists in many studio settings.

How we are all robbed of our feminine selves
- Veritas
In many religious and spiritual traditions, The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine principles make up the foundation of the Universe.

Grappling with the grief of saying goodbye to your dance career
- Shaté L. Hayes
I didn't even want to leave the house. I had made the decision to move on from my dance career, but I still wasn't sure what I was moving on to.

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