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November 2021
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Goddesses across Indian cultures portrayed in digital dance fest
To celebrate the spirit of Navaratri, classical dancer and arts presenter Dr. Anita Ratnam will be hosting a curated digital dance series called Devi Diaries.

Kalamandalam finally opens its doors to women
- TK Achuthan
The 90-year-old institution’s historic move brings another long-standing debate to an end.

Get an exclusive first look at Esteban Cortázar’s costumes for The New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala
-  Claire Stern

“People are Desperate for Inspiration and Beauty”: Christian Siriano on the Return of Project Runway, Fashion’s Future
- Morgan Evans
The fashion industry might have taken a hit in the pandemic, but the renowned designer, Project Runway mentor, and host has come out on top.

A celebration of diversity
- Manjari Sinha
The Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Award festival was a fine blend of styles in music and dance.

Epic impact
- Arshiya Sattar
A new book explores the diverse performance traditions of the Ramayana, focusing on its rich pluralism.

Virtual dance fest pays tribute to women’s will
- Sharanya Chakrapani

The sacred Feminine
- Sabrina Rajan

Bharatanatyam’s Marathi flavor
- Rupa Srikanth
Sucheta Chapekar chose rare compositions by Raja Serfoji II for her performance to mark his 244th birth anniversary.

How Jacob's Garden is bringing the Pillow back to its farming roots
- Emma Sandall
Adam Weinert has brought farming back to Jacob's Pillow. In the 1930s, founder Ted Shawn and his dancers grew their own food…

Dancer pays tribute to rural Tamil culture through a theatrical discourse
To pay tribute to rural Tamil culture and its people, dancer and folk storyteller Ramaa Bharadvaj has come up with a witty theatrical discourse titled Mann Vaasanai.

Pulling the right strings
- Shyamhari Chakra
Lipika Singh Darai’s Backstage, on the life and struggles of Odisha’s puppeteers, will be screened at four film festivals.

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