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May 2021

The Year of Living Cautiously, Pt. 2
- Martha Ullman West
Dance on screen: It's not the same as sitting with an audience for a live performance in a theater, but when theaters are shut down, it's a balm.

How the pandemic has transformed the experience of being a dance critic
- Deborah Jowitt
Since the lockdowns began, dancers and ex-dancers have learned new skills. Directors, editors and photographers have joined them, perhaps moving with them.

The muscle you should never neglect if you want to avoid injury
- Emma Sandall
Dancers are often on their feet for up to 12 hours a day. Not surprisingly, that can lead to a lot of fatigue in the lower leg muscles.

When dancers double as musicians, how do they approach both art forms?
- Ryan P. Casey
Percussive dancers of all styles are passionate about their musicianship: how they shape their sounds, interact with other musicians, think about their instruments and compose intricate rhythms.

The Jungle Book: The Untold Story
- Anshika Jain

The quaint connoisseurs
- KK Gopalakrishnan
Some consumers of art have inscrutable tastes.

The arts both connect & comfort us through difficult times
- Lynne Fernandez
During lockdown, many owed their overall wellbeing to the arts, an industry employing 30bn globally.

Apple sets new Apple Watch Activity Challenges for Earth Day and International Dance Day
- Chance Miller
In addition to the annual Earth Day Challenge, Apple is also launching a new International Dance Day Challenge for the first time. This comes after the launch of Apple Fitness+, which includes an entire category of dancing workouts.
Is it good for you? According to Nietzsche, it's better to ask, "Does it dance?"
- Kimerer Lamothe
Dancing, for Nietzsche, was another way of saying Yes! to life.

Ballet's Sacred Geometry: Finding meaning within the shapes
- Joseph Carman
George Balanchine's statement "See the music, hear the dance" is often quoted as a way of appreciating the architecture of his choreography, manifested from the score. The mathematics of music transmutes into movement in the flesh.

The Arts and Humanities deliver untapped value for the future of work
- Benjamin Wolff
From robotics to AI, the careers of tomorrow will require creative, interdisciplinary, and humanist thinking. Liberal arts graduates are poised to succeed in this new and transfigured world.

Dancers share their key takeaways after a year of dancing on film
- Maggie Small

The Vazhuvuraar and The Traditional Bani
- T. R. Surya & Rajesh Govindarajulu

Bringing urban dance practices into the University system
- Sarah-Mace Dennis
Recognizing the importance of questions such as "Who teaches what? And for who?," many degree programs have recently been starting to alter their curriculums.

Is it time to rethink how we use mirrors in dance?
- Crystal Nicholls
Most dancers rely on the mirror for hours a day. It can help us self-correct our lines and see what our movement looks like. But there's evidence to suggest that overly depending on it can be harmful, as well.

The Glamour, Grit and Camaraderie of Houston's Strip Club Dancers
- Kate Silzer
For her first solo exhibition, GQ photographer Adrienne Raquel spotlights exotic dancers at Club Onyx.

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