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March 2021

Chidaakaasham: Myriad Expressions of Art (Day 1)
- A.M. Hari Shankar
Trikalaa Gurukulam in collaboration with Aatmalaya Academy, Bangalore, organized  Chidaakaasham, a two-day International Webinar (Dec 26 & 27, 2020) featuring eminent artistes, scholars, academicians from Indian universities and institutions abroad…

Emerging cultural economics in dance
- Navina Jafa
Crucial in the discourse is bringing models that present hope towards sustainability of performing arts and artists.

Theatre and the coronavirus - a speech-act in nine episodes
- Rustom Bharucha
I felt the need to speak, to share my thoughts with friends and strangers in all parts of the world. It was out of this compulsion that the decision to record my thoughts on video became inevitable. Equally inevitable was the need to break down this behemoth of a lecture into three parts, consisting of separate episodes.

When classical dance chases clicks and likes
- Sharanya Chandran
Classical dancers have adopted to digital formats in the pandemic. But what's the role of the audience now, and who holds the copyright to their online performances?

Legendary choreographer Twyla Tharp gets documentary portrait in 'Twyla Moves'
- Jude Dry
The American Masters series explores the iconic choreographer's storied career, including her three films with Miloš Forman.

The fantastical 'Nautch-Girl' anecdotes and photographs of Hanns Heinz Ewers: 1910-1911
- Donovan Roebert

What's a Dance Theater without an audience?
- Brian Seibert
A food pantry or a place to vote - or a place to make dance with different expectations: "What we've taken off the table is the pressure of the result."

Healthcare workers are turning to art to cope. Here are some of their projects
- Makeda Easter
The Times spoke to five healthcare workers - who are also a painter, a choreographer, a photographer or an illustrator - to learn more about how the pandemic has affected their artistry.

Cole Porter's Immigration Protest... Ballet
- Susan Salaz
It's not the Hoosier's most famous work by a long shot, but 'Within the Quota' is newly resonant today.

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