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June 2021
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Rama Vaidyanathan, Surupa Sen, Jin Won and Sonali Skandan - Dancing the Gods Festival
- Marina Harss
For obvious reasons, the ten-year-old festival, each edition of which brings one or two respected classical Indian dancers to New York, is virtual this year.

Review: The Charms and Pitfalls of Dancing the Gods on Camera
- Brian Seibert
This year's iteration of the Indian dance festival, in two programs, is online; with Surupa Sen, what's gained is emotional intimacy.

One is a ballet superstar, the other a revered teacher and choreographer. They both soar on Canada Post commemorative stamps
- Michael Crabb

Rising to a new challenge
- Parshathy J Nath
Bijayini Satpathy's new solo 'Call of Dawn' explores the mind of a woman and the choices she makes.

Layered with details
Senior Mohiniattam dancer and choreographer Mandakini Trivedi's 'Aesthetics of Indian Classical Dance', was presented by the Leela Foundationů

Saudi Arabia reveals its $15 Billion masterplan to turn the ancient city of Alula into a global culture hub
- Sarah Cascone
The government hopes to build museums to turn the city into a major tourism destination.

'Krishnayanam' - Kanjoorinte Kala Chinthakal: Aesthetics of Kerala art forms
- G S Paul
'Krishnayanam', a comprehensive exploration by art scholar Kanjur Krishnan Namboothiripad, has elements of biography, autobiography and a memoir.

Dance like an ocean
- Saraswathy Nagarajan
Actor-dancer Rima Kallingal's new piece captures the spirit of Maya Angelou's poem 'Still I Rise'

Family digs out rare raga for lockdown experiment
- SR Ramakrishna
Carnatic music guru Vasantha Kannan has composed a thillana, a brisk piece that highlights rhythmic complexity, in a rare raga called Kadyutha Ganthi.

Breaking the solitude
- Rupa Srikanth
Four exponents of four dance styles perform thought-provoking pieces at the Anvesana festival.

All the web's a stage
- Anil Srinivasan
The Internet is ruthless, and everyone is clueless. Where do artistes go from here?

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