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July 2021
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A gap in the new Kalakshetra governing body

A choreographed return to theaters
- Noa Weiss
Dance is back in theaters. As we navigate a safe return to indoor space, how do we hold on to the pleasures of attending a show?

A stage set 500 years ago
- Shyamhari Chakra
Ankia Bhaona, a theatre form that blends classical and folk idioms, presents a unique dimension of Assamese culture.

The play must go on
- Achuthan T.K.
Prabandhakoothu artiste A.V. Narayanan has videographed a 37-hour performance of Dootavakyam, creating invaluable archival footage.

Ramli Ibrahim puzzled at cancellation of talk on dance, race at varsity
- Sean Augustin

Ramli Ibrahim questions Islamic centre over censorship of arts education after event cancelled
- Amalina Kamal
Are university-based hubs that pride themselves on objective of pushing for social development through solidarity efforts, inclusion activities just a bluff?

How a Tamil opera was adapted to Kathakali
- GS Paul
M.P.S. Namboodiri recalls his memorable choreographic work for Arunachala Kavi's Rama Natakam.

This artistes' body has its hands full, supporting colleagues who have been out of work for 14 months

The arangetram conundrum
- SB Vijaya Mary
That all-important debut performance: live or virtual? Dance gurus debate the question.

Singing in dark times: Pandemic tales from Kerala's performing artists
- Nimisha Salim
Robbed of livelihood means during the Covid-19 crisis, Kerala's performing artists are staring at an existential crisis.

COVID hit their neighbors hard. So they sprang into action
- Sreyashi Dey

The bond between Annamayya and Kuchipudi
- Pujita Krishna
The lyrical beauty and wide range of Annamayya's kritis offer immense choreographic possibilities.

Manodharma in abhinaya
- NC Srinivasaraghavan
Spontaneously innovative abhinaya, Balasaraswati's forte, is a fading art today and something that is only superficially understood.

Culture and the arts under threat
- Johan Jaaffar
Sutra Foundation chairman Datuk Ramli Ibrahim leads the artistic direction for Spellbound Odissi featuring Young Dancers of Sutra Dance Outreach Programme on Sept 4.

Ballerina Park Sae Eun becomes Paris Opera Ballet's 1st Asian principal dancer
- Park Ji-won
Ballerina Park Sae Eun of the Paris Opera Ballet was promoted to principal dancer, or "danseuse etoile," after performing Juliet for "Romeo and Juliet." Park is the first Asian dancer to secure the position in the history of the troupe, which was founded in 1669.

Autopsy for the Arts
- Brett Campbell
Portland author William Deresiewicz's new book "The Death of the Artist" shows why it's so hard to make a living making art today.

Drug, harassment allegations plunge Bejart Ballet into turmoil
Scores of former dancers from the Bejart school have come forward with testimonies of past abuses.

Dance helps Congo's rape survivors cope with trauma
- Djaffar Al Katanty

Carnatic vocals meet spoken word in 'Manam' an album of reflections in the aftermath of the George Floyd murder
- Sonali Shenoy

Expanding the movement vocabulary
- Aranyani Bhargav
A multidisciplinary approach to dance enriches the body, mind, and practice.

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