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July 2021

Mani Madhava Chakyar: Maestro who made Koodiyattam go places
- Jyothisree Mukundan
The writer reminisces the immortal contributions of her grandfather, Koodiyattam virtuoso Mani Madhava Chakyar and his son PKG Nambiar, for popularising Koodiyattam across the country.

Kavalam Narayana Panicker: A legend of his times
- GS Paul
A guru nonpareil, he strode like a colossus over the cultural arena of the country for around five decades.

Avant-garde danseuse Guru Dr Kanak Rele turns 84
- GS Paul
A scholar of repute, Guru Kanak Rele's role in popularising Mohiniyattam has been singular. She shaped her own unique brand of the lyrical dance form through meticulous research and dedication.

Balaramabharatham: A treasure yet to be explored
- Vinu Vasudevan
With a strong academic knowledge, Dr. Kalamandalam Rachitha Ravi, a Mohiniyattam danseuse par excellence belongs to the younger generation of artists of the dance form.

Russian ballet star Rudolf Nureyev asks for asylum - archive 1961
On 16 June 1961, Kirov Ballet's principal dancer broke free from Russian embassy guards at Le Bourget airport and requested asylum in France. See how the Guardian and Observer reported events.

Alarmel Valli on the Emerging Ecology of Classical Dance
- Navina Jafa
"Irrespective of the subject, it is when meaning in dance is suggestive and embodied rather than overtly explained that it has the greatest power to move, inspire and transform," says the Bharatanatyam dancer.

A dancer's disruption of conservative Flamenco culture
- Fergus McIntosh
In "Flamenco Queer," Manuel Lin plays with gender, transforming both his appearance and a traditional art.

Rohith Jayaraman and Asha Ramesh's Carnatic album 'Manam' questions societal norms
- Tanushi Bhatnagar
The U.S.based mother-son duo is out with a five-track album that delves into social injustices

The 9 greatest choreographers of the 20th century
- Emma Bolton

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