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July 2021

Sringara and Bhakti in Naatya
- V. P. Dhananjayan
Amongst these beautiful creations of art, 'natya' or dance is considered to be the finest and most complete.

Performative artistry
- Anwesa Mahanta
Devotional in nature and originally performed by celibate monks, Sattriya has evolved into a vibrant representation of the bhakti rasa entailing an elaborate tradition of aharya that includes costumes, jewellery and make-up.

How can dance teachers continually provide a success path for their students?
- Ramaa Venugopalan
The journey of a teacher in art is a long, arduous unique path with each student.

To help us survive this agony, classical arts must be authentic not tokenistic
- Malavika Sarukkai
As the world settles into a cautious new normal, practitioners of classical dance and music can contribute to replenishing our inner reserves.

The tough truth of being a male dancer
- Madhur Gupta
There's a reason why male professional dancers are rarely found on the stages of India. Navtej Johar, Akram Khan and Narthaki Nataraj explain the scene.

Photo shoot tips from 4 of your favorite dance photographers
- Nyamekye Smith
Whether it's a stunning photo of your favorite ballerina, a snapshot of your team during a performance, a crazy flexy pose on your Insta feed or your super cringey first recital photo, we all have a dance photograph that sticks in our minds.

How accessing your backspace can make you a more 3-D dancer
- Chava Pearl Lansky

Your Post-Pandemic Body: How training at home changed us
- Emma Sandall

Stone Age 'dance parties' used animal teeth for making music 8,000 years ago
- Chris Melore
If you're a fan of the Stone Age cartoon "The Flintstones," you probably remember all the '60s pop culture references appearing in the show - especially when it comes to music.

Why have music festivals stopped featuring discussions about music-making?
- Aneesh Pradhan
In their early days, music conferences included seminars alongside performances.

The need to save the oldest Sanskrit theatre
- Achuthan TK
With few practitioners and fewer resources Koodiyattam faces an uncertain future.

Healing Notes - Hindustani Classical Music as Therapy
- Nabanita Chowdhary
On world music day the writer, a leading Hindustani classical vocalist and a music therapist, shares the healing qualities of ragas and how it helped her autistic child.

Central vista will become a culture mandala
- Prathibha Prahlad

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