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January 2021

The Consummate musicianship of a dancer
- Savita Narasimhan
In the Carnatic world, most of us in my generation or the next have heard and been enamoured of the music of T Brinda and T Mukta and through them, their grandmother, the great Veena Dhanammal, whose music we may not have heard much, but whose tales form part of the Carnatic lore that is handed to every eager student.

Nirmala Paniker
- Venugopal SK
She was by nature very much interested in traditional art forms of Kerala like Thiruvathirakkali, Nangiar Koothu and Koodiyattam.

Dance scholar Dr Methil Devika on the Sensuality and Spirituality of Mohiniyattam
- Aekta Kapoor
Scholar, performer and educator Dr. Methil Devika talks about the form and spirit of Mohiniyattam.

Kalamandalam Sugandhi: The versatile and vivacious Mohiniyattam Guru
Trained under eminent dancers in Kerala and beyond, Kalamandalam Sugandhi is a popular Mohiniyattam Guru, a famed disciple of masters and a scholar par excellence.

How Preeti Vasudevan is taking Indian dance heritage to the youth in the West
- Aekta Kapoor
New York-based award-winning choreographer and performer Preeti Vasudevan has made Bharatanatyam relevant and relatable for a global audience through her work.

These 5 young choreographers are making Bollywood dance to their tunes
- Geetika Sachdev
There's a new crop of female choreographers who have a more contemporary style and are more experimental than ever.

Chandralekha's experiments with the dancing body
- Aranyani
Chandralekha experimented not only with form but also with content to create a unique dance idiom.

Rachana Narayanankutty aims to create a 'universal language' for Kuchipudi
- Anna Mathews
Rachana Narayanankutty announced recently on social media that she was set to do research and titled it, Kuchipudi Nrita Rachana.

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