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February 2021

1984 - Redux
- Bharat Sharma
How to take India's dance forward...this question has been troubling dancers, choreographers, critics, connoisseurs, pundits, bureaucrats and art funders for long in India and international sphere.

'I believe dance is a 'Project' to enable a recovery of the body, of our spine'
- Chandralekha
The internal relation between the dance and the dancer and the external relation between dance and society are questions that cannot be taken lightly, argued dancer-choreographer Chandralekha over three decades ago in a pathbreaking essay, reproduced here on her 14th death anniversary.

How both Martha Graham and Trisha Brown's Archives landed at the Jerome Robbins Dance Division
- Chava Pearl Lansky
The world's largest dance archive just keeps growing. Over the summer, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts' Jerome Robbins Dance Division began welcoming two new collections to its illustrious archive.

Stage to Classroom
Importance of dance education in schools
- Dr. Parul Purohit Vats
Teaching classical dance forms in an educational set up can be a highly reflective process for a dancer. The number of students in a school classroom can be anywhere between 25 to 50.

Why do commercial choreographers still not get the credit they deserve?
- Alison Feller
It's no secret in the commercial dance industry that the people making the moves rarely get the credit they deserve. At the Emmy Awards, the Outstanding Choreography Award is presented at a separate ceremony-not at the celebrated primetime event.

King or composer - The Swathi Thirunal controversy and unanswered questions
- Venkatesh Ramakrishnan
In this series, we take a trip down memory lane, back to the Madras of the 1900s, as we unravel tales and secrets of the city through its most iconic personalities and episodes.

Making faces
- Anusuya Mukerjee
The mask is the pivotal part of Purulia Chhau.

On democratizing dance
- Shereen Saif
Dancing is a fundamental need through which we heal, connect, communicate and express our inner worlds. While everyone can naturally dance, it takes a lifetime of training and practice to qualify as a Dancer.

Why the solo classical dancer needs to be saved
- Navina Jafa
Government apathy and commercial compulsions have led Indian classical dance towards group performances and away from where its true genius lies - the solo artiste.

What will it take to end sexual abuse in dance education?
- Garnet Henderson
Though the #MeToo movement has spurred many dancers to come forward with their stories of sexual harassment and abuse, the dance world has yet to have a full reckoning on the subject.

Have archaeologists found history's deadliest dance floor?
- Candida Moss
Archeologists working in Machaerus, in Israel, have allegedly discovered the site of Salome's famous dance that cost John the Baptist his head.

Time travel with the tawaifs of Tamizh land
- Roshne Balasubramanian
Walking through the by-lanes of Royapettah and neighbouring areas, historian Kombai Anwar reminds us of the rich history of Kanchens of Madras.

Expect the rise of digital medium and sustainable choices in all fields, say experts
- Merin James
Stalwarts from the field of fashion, art and culture speak to DT Next about the trends they expect in 2021.

The missing Margazhi moments
- Vaishna Roy
What a disappointment to have the live experience snatched out of my eager ken.

'Slowing down to feel': Moving our minds around our bodies
- Gia Kourlas
It's cold outside. The pandemic is getting worse. It's time to look inward with the help of movement practices that create healthy bodies and minds.

We need to acknowledge that COVID-19 is changing how we teach
- Deborah Rosner
In less than one week, the dance community was on board with teaching online, as if it was something they always did-as if it was normal.

View from the Covid cocoon
- Sharon Lowen
The inspiration came from an idea to scan my daughter's childhood photos for a digital birthday gift as I couldn't give a physical present.

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