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December 2021

An imaginary interview with Guru Gopinath - Part 4
- Tapati Chowdhurie
The driver returned to give me the bad news that both her father and Mukundaraja were not in favour of our getting married. The driver in fact advised me to give up my wish to marry Thangamani.

An imaginary interview with Guru Gopinath - Part 5
- Tapati Chowdhurie
The first program that I did together with my students and Thangamani was at Kavadiyar Kottaram (palace). On that day, the king, queen mother and Sir C.P. Ramaswamy Iyer (Diwan), chief secretary, other chief officers and some royal members of the palace were present.

The unstoppable performer
- Sreevalsan Thiyyadi
Sadanam Krishnankutty, who recently turned 80, is among the best all-rounders in Kathakali.

A belated honour
- GS Paul
Kalamandalam awards a fellowship to a Koodiyattam artiste, Ammannur Parameswara (Kuttan) Chakyar, after more than a decade.

Divya Ravi on her digital production Kanhopatra and dancing for the camera
- Shveta Arora
Kanhopatra is a work in progress. And I do intend, at some point, to build it into a full-fledged work for the stage -about an hour and 15 minutes.

From Mumbai to Miami Beach: Amiruddin Shah's journey to becoming a professional ballet dancer
- Estefania Garcia

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