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August 2021
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

The dancer frozen in bronze
- Kausalya Srinivasan
Archaeologist Sharada Srinivasan has traced the history of metallurgy in India from prehistoric to modern times.

Now, log on for Kathakali
- Gowri S and Anasuya Menon
Play the chenda via an app or learn kalbeliya dance on a group call, with help from traditional performing artistes who are innovating to survive a tough year and keep their craft alive.

An iconic summer show gets a revamp to respect Native Americans
- Ian Spencer Bell

All the king’s men
- Shyamhari Chakra
A more than 100-year-old theatre tradition called Prahllad Natak will die out unless the government steps in and keeps it going.

Times Square costume exhibit to showcase stage, TV & film outfits, benefit beleaguered industry
- Greg Evans
Presented by the recently formed Costume Industry Coalition – a group founded to advocate for the survival of New York City’s pandemic hit custom costume industry.

Window to a new world
- Shrinkhla Sahai
Gaurav Bhatti, winner of the first Dr. Sunil Kothari Award for Emerging Artist, says the honour has strengthened his belief in the art.

All about adavus
- Rupa Srikanth
Leela Samson drew upon her vast nritta experience to throw new light on this segment of Bharatanatyam.
Dance has reached a turning point
- Christine Suarez
Freed from the studio, an Art form finds the space to transform.

Fighting fit
- Khursheed Dinsha
Women are turning to martial arts to stay healthy in these challenging times.

Chennai: Unqualified dance teachers make a killing
- Aditi R
There is a new scourge in town: unqualified or barely qualified classical dance teachers.

Dancing with Robots
- Catie Cuan
The emerging field of choreorobotics can make humans more comfortable interacting with machines.

The inheritance of loss
- N.C. Srinivasaraghavan
Yashoda Thakore’s podcast ‘Her story of dance’ discusses the alienation of Kalavantulu hereditary performing artistes from the dance discourse.

A platform for Indian drag
- Preeti Zachariah
Dragvanti helps facilitate online performances and bring traditional drag performers to the forefront.

Lights, camera, dance
- Renuka Suryanarayan
Senior artiste Radhika Shurajit traces the bond between Bharatanatyam and cinema.

Talking dance
- Ranjini Nair
An online platform that brings together scholars and dancers for critical engagement.

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