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April 2021

Technology for dance or Dance for Technology?
- Navina Jafa
Online classes, performances, workshops, discussions, interactions and promotional videos and films, and an emerging economy is gaining ground. Over this one year, many who had reservations negotiated and explored the advantage of the small screen.

What does it mean to be a healthy dancer?
- Rachel Fine
While most dancers work with me to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle, what is healthy for one dancer might not be the same for another.

Examining the real-life temple dancers who inspired La Bayadère
- Sarah McKenna Barry
At the heart of Marius Petipa's 1877 ballet La Bayadère is the tragic heroine Nikiya, an Indian temple dancer, or bayadère, whose extreme vulnerability renders her death all the more devastating.

When all roads lead to Chidambaram
- Alarmel Valli
How 40 years ago, the Natyanjali Festival offered the dancer an epiphanic, transforming moment.

Provocation: "The technical standards of dance achieved in the UK do not match those of India"
- Shivaangee Agrawal
Many will roll their eyes at this subject heading. Too often the Bharatanatyam work that comes out of the UK is examined with regards to India, sometimes to validate its authenticity, sometimes to claim its superior innovation and sometimes to lament the future of dance.

After the coronavirus crisis, will culture ever be the same again?
- Radhika Seth
With many museums, galleries and theatres shuttered worldwide, institutions are migrating online and asking for donations. But, when the dust settles, how will they navigate the post-pandemic world?
- The Ballet Ensemble of the Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater
Due to a change in leadership at Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater in Schwerin, nearly the entire dance ensemble will face job losses by the end of the 2020/2021 season.

Tholpavakkoothu: Colourful crossover of Tamil puppetry to Kerala
- Sreevalsan Thiyyadi
The Bhadrakali cult nurtures Tholpavakkoothu in central Kerala shrines even as the night-time rustic art traces Tamil origins.

Decoding the Nataraja Bronzes: A Cosmic Dance through centuries
- Sharada Srinivasan
Trace Nataraja's ancient origins and cosmic aura through the ages and across continents.

More than injury prevention: How Somatics can deepen artistry
- Nancy Wozny
The basic tenets of somatics - awareness, efficiency, exploration, rest and nonjudgment - demand little in the way of a physical space or a special surface.

Dancing the Tango may reduce fall risk, help with balance
- Forest Ray
Dancing the tango may help people with Parkinson's disease maintain balance and avoid falling, according to new research from Florida State University.

Playing to no audience: How arts and culture survived the pandemic
- Dhamini Ratnam
If the timbre of performances changed in 2020, several performers were also forced to rethink the relevance of their art form as they explored digital avenues from Instagram live videos to Zoom calls.

The art of the laugh lines
- KK Gopalakrishnan
Some legendary artists were known for their humour.

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