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October 2020
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Ratnam speaks truth to power
- Cameron S Govender
Anita Ratnam has for decades worked towards formulating a style that is unique.


We may have missed the point about the boy in the rain
- Zoe Phillips
The world first saw Anthony Mmesoma Madu dance back in June - his teacher and studio-founder Daniel Owoseni Ajala posted a video of the 11-year-old student turning and leaping in the rainy outdoors of his native Nigeria.

Goddess, on stage and screen
- Kamini Govender
The music and vocal outline the images created by Ratnam's Neo Bharatam, elegantly moving from graceful to powerful, awesome to ferocious...

Chicago Bharatanatyam festival focuses on Parampara or lineage of dance form
- Mythili Kumar
Bharatanatyam teachers from across North America held workshops and presented performances, reflecting their own parampara or lineage, at the Parampara Festival.

Houston Ballet's planned performance of La Bayadere comes under fire
- Margaret Downing
A Hindu rights activist based in Nevada is accusing the Houston Ballet of cultural insensitivity and is urging it to cancel its upcoming performances of La Bayadère, scheduled for February, saying the ballet set in India "trivializes Eastern religious and other traditions."

Dancing stories during lockdown
- Prof. Ketu H Katrak
I am always humbled at Jomba!'s multiple offerings that include not only professional performances but also Fringe artists whose emerging work is fostered.

When art holds a mirror
- Rupa Srikanth
Dancers talk about how their mind and body respond when they step out of the conventional repertoire.
The Vidushaka is back
- G.S. Paul
At 90, Koodiyattam maestro P.K.G. Nambiar scripts a new one-act play, 'Chyavana Sukanyangam.'

Call of Kottichetham
- Saraswati Nagarajan
Mohiniattam dancer Methil Devika explores the Ardhanareeswara concept with an excerpt from Silappathikaram.

Devi Durga Kathak Sansthan presented two day Aavartan Dance Festival
- Dr.Sunil Kothari
Devi Durga Kathak Sansthan presented on 4th and 5th Sept, two day dance festival featuring Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Odissi dance forms by a galaxy of young exponents.

What Intimacy Coordinators could bring to how love and sex are portrayed in dance
- Zachary Whittenburg
In October 2018, HBO made news with an announcement that it would engage specialists to ensure sex scenes in every movie and series it produced were handled safely and professionally.

Dancing to the digital beat
- Gokul MG
Noted dancer/choreographer Anita Ratnam is reaching out particularly to young performers whose rise in the world of art is being challenged by the pandemic.

Bhavans to hold its annual December Season music fest in open air in Kilpauk campus

Predatory musician Gurus
- Shailaja Khanna
The recent brouhaha at the Dhrupad Sansthan in Bhopal where two Gurus have been named as molesting and harassing the resident students there has brought up the age-old issue of the status of women in the arts...

Has anyone asked what dancers need before heading for #Jerusalema?
- Gregory Maqoma
Despite the life-giving power and joy of dance being a refuge for South Africans in these tough times, the government continues to fail the arts fraternity...

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