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October 2020

A "La Bayadère" for the 21st century: How companies are confronting the Ballet's Orientalist stereotypes
- Joseph Carman
For over 140 years, La Bayadère has affirmed its sublime elements.... Its drama has inspired unforgettable star performances, and Marius Petipa's seminal choreography has impacted choreographers like George Balanchine.

The quest of a yearning heart
- Sudha Sridhar
In the realm of art form where the knowledge is more subtle, refined and ennobling, the Guru is all too eager and obliged to his Guru to transfer the same to the practitioners of the art form exactly the way he or she acquired it from their Guru.

When Merce Cunningham took on a new collaborator: The Computer
- Ellen Jacobs
In his 70s, Cunningham, the modern dance innovator, entered a new creative period, discovering fresh possibilities for human movement.

When Aharyabhinaya, the extraneous representation becomes integral in Performing Arts
- Dr. Varada Pandit
During the post-independence era, choreographic presentations started taking roots in Kathak. Artistes experimented with innovative ideas in choreographies.

How journaling can improve your dancing-and help you cope with life right now
- Haley Hilton
Now, more than ever, reflection is crucial to our well-being. When the world feels upside down, documentation and contemplation are two positive tools we can use to ground ourselves.

In response to TM Krishna's article
- Ramaa Venugopalan
The power play comes mostly in teachers who are performers themselves. When one is a popular performer, the adulation is beyond comprehension. Calling them deities, Gods and Goddesses of the art form... whatever else, is the problem.

The power of dance to help us cope with trauma
- Wendy Zamora
I've had a complicated relationship with dance over the years-from a young girl hell-bent on pursuing a career, to a professional injured on the brink of success, to a grown woman who shunned the art form for years to avoid dealing with physical and emotional pain.

Bharatanatyam: A 140 year old institution in Baroda
- Maddy's Ramblings
Tanjore's Nautchinis, Tawaifs or dancers in Sayaji's court.

Green room with a new view
- Sreevalsan Thiyyadi
As the lockdown ends and Kathakali shows resume, the back-room experts reveal how the dance form's elaborate costume and make-up has moved with the times.

The M.S. film that never was
- V Sriram
On M.S. Subbulakshmi's 104th birth anniversary, remembering her career in films and the one that didn't get made.

Ford Foundation fund to award an unprecedented $160 million to minority arts groups
- Geoff Edgars
The Ford Foundation this week is announcing an unprecedented $160 million-and-growing initiative called America's Cultural Treasures, with substantial grants going to BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and people of color) organizations across the country.

Phoenix rising: Post-Covid theatre will return - angrier
- Ismail Mahomed
The most significant death knell over the lockdown period was sounded when the Fugard Theatre in Cape Town announced that it was closing its doors, says the writer.

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