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May 2020

Ruminations during lockdown
#PandemicPonderings (Part 1)

- Dr. Anita Ratnam
With the current pandemic sweeping our globe and with our lives forever changed in the foreseeable future, artistes share about how the month of March/April was for them.

Ruminations during lockdown
#PandemicPonderings (Part 2)

- Dr. Anita Ratnam
Artistes share about what they did that was different... what new hobbies they have started...

Identity and Aesthetics
- V. Kaladharan
The coexistence of several highly evolved dance and theatre traditions in Kerala has problematized the concept of identity of each form especially with the incredible outreach of Kathakali in the last century.

'Pay to perform' vs 'Paid to perform'
- V.P. Dhananjayan
The art world has been changing rapidly especially the performing arts like Bharatanatyam. Scenario is alarmingly exploding where the theory of demand and supply is concerned. Talent is in abundance unlike in olden days.

The solitude has been bringing out the best in us
- Dr S.D. Desai
I had set off for a writing project I had for long been thinking of when I started receiving every morning from a young musician having exceptional literary sensibility, Gujarati poems set in his own original interpretative compositions...

Together in the war against Corona
- Ratikant Mohapatra
I am experiencing, like many like-minded people all over the world, great distress at our curtailment of freedom, movement and attendant flow of creativity and human emotions.

Pandemic notes
- Dr. Srinidhi Chidambaram
I have often been questioned how it feels pursuing two very different professions - healthcare and performing Bharatanatyam - both having a steady parallel trajectory all these years in my life.

Comparative study of traditional presentations and thematic presentations
- Niyati Visal
Practice of dance with a set purpose and the active contribution of scholars led to the structuring of dance forms and them being presented within a repertoire.

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