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Narthaki Monthly Newsletter

March 2020

Evoking Navarasa in you
- Devaki Rajendran
The last time I visited Natanakairali, I witnessed a series of Koodiyattam performances that enriched me as a lover of art. This time, it completely changed me as a human being and an artist. The experience of the Navarasa Sadhana cannot be expressed in words.

When Carnatic Music first travelled overseas
- V Sriram
If Carnatic musicians today are globe-trotters, it wasn't always this way. Looking back on how a taboo-bound tradition opened itself slowly to the world at large...

Siva OR Shakti - Who is superior? The "Urdhva Tandavam" debate...
- Ramaa Bharadvaj

Pāṇini: Catching the ocean in a cow's hoofprint
- Vikram Chandra
Kshetrayya and the legacy of erasing women's voices from erotic poetry
- Swarnamalya Ganesh
The writer remembers the women whose sexual desires and words were repressed behind a man's identity.

The Art Form or the Artiste?
- Priya Murle
A simple question with a very obvious answer... Or is it?

The importance of dancing like an idiot
One of the strangest but also most intriguing and redemptive things that humans get up to, in almost any culture one cares to study, is occasionally to gather in large groups, bathe in the rhythmic sounds of drums and flutes, organs and guitars, chants and cries, and move their arms and legs about in complicated and frenzied ways, losing themselves in the bewilderment of a dance.

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