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Narthaki Monthly Newsletter

June 2020

Self-transformation through arts and education
- Jayachandran Palazhy
Capacity to learn, gather information, undergo systematic training, acquire new skills, think through concepts and ideas to imagine and create something new and original are all qualities that human beings are endowed with.

Koothambalam: The performance theatres in Kerala temples
- Haritha Haridas
Bharatamuni in his extant Natya Sastra has in fact written an entire chapter on the construction of an auditorium for theatre.

How the Arts transform consciousness
- Christopher Chase
Developing mastery in an art influences how we think about challenges and see the world. Every one of us has the potential to be an artist, to harness and express our innate wisdom and creativity.

Virtual space - let the ripple not become a wave
- Dr Padmaja Venkatesh Suresh
Virtual space - to teach and perform - cannot substitute the traditional.

"Screw The Audience!" - David Gray former Executive Director of the Pennsylvania Ballet and American Repertory Ballet speaks out
- David Gray
Okay, I don't really mean that. There isn't a performing arts organization in the world that can have that attitude.

Post-pandemic effect: The show must go home
- Madhur Gupta
In a world stricken down with uncertainty, performing arts will have to be at the forefront, helping to mend the fences and repair the emotional damage that humanity will undoubtedly suffer albeit online.

'Abhinaya Darpanam' in a nutshell
- Dr. Maithili Nesargi-Naik
There exists a beautiful garland of 324 pearls strung together with the silken thread of nrutya shastra in the ancient Sanskrit literature -The Abhinaya Darpanam.

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