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July 2020

Mental health and well-being in classical dance - An inquiry
- Ramaa Venugopalan
A glance into the eco-system that defines the sphere of the classical dance and an inquiry into factors that affect mental health reveal much.

Indian dance: From real to virtual
- Rashika Ojha
Covid-19 situation... It's a strange feeling. Life is moving, yet it is still...

Dear Dance - A humble note
- Payel Chatterjee
I knew it would be difficult to continue dance alongside a PhD and therefore, did not even think about it.

Sanctity of the term 'Guru' in Sattriya parlance
- Meenakshi Medhi
During one of my performances, the organizers added the prefix Guru to my name in the banners and invites; it somehow did not feel right...

Giving it away for free - why the performing arts risks making the same mistake newspapers did
- Caitlin Vincent
There's a long-running adage about working for free in the performing arts. "The problem with working for exposure," it goes, "is you can die from exposure."

Copyright extends to theme, plot and storyline of literary works: Bombay High Court
- Kanchan Chaudhari
Bombay High Court has held that in the case of literary artworks, copyright extends not only to the expression of the core idea but also to its theme, plot and the storyline.

Art for art's sake: Has the State failed its artistes?
- Tanushree Ghosh
When government coffers offer no relief, initiatives like #ArtMatters aim to bring artistes together to help a crippled art community.

The pandemic reminds us that artists are the conscience-keepers of society
- In conversation with A Mangai
Over the years, I have been exposed to very different aspects of performance, as well as the world - or should I say worlds - of performers.

*This* is how you should actually warm up before dancing
- Leah Bueno
For many dancers, a "warmup" consists of sitting on the floor stretching their legs in various positions. But this strategy only reduces your muscles' ability to work properly...

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