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January 2020

AI and the Arts - Media manipulators
- Mridula Anand
A recent paper by researchers at the University of Berkeley provides insight into how they could transfer moves from a dancer onto a person who could not dance.

Classical dance trend - Entertainment or Engagement?
- Ramaa Venugopalan
In this age of Instagram and Twitter, anybody with humongous number of followers tends to attract a section of starry-eyed fans and followers...

Dancing could treat depression and other brain diseases
- Adrianna Mendrek
It is surprising to me that dance/movement therapy (DMT) is not more popular within the fields of psychology and psychotherapy globally.

We have to recognise the huge value of arts and culture to society
- Peter Bazalgette
Slipstream reminded us that the primary reason we make both public and private investments in the arts is for the inherent value of culture: life-enhancing, entertaining, defining of our personal and national identities.
Classical dance and appropriation: How to think about a field whose foundations rest on cultural violence
- Sammitha Srivatsa
As a student of classical dance, to know that my access to learning and practicing dance is a direct consequence of the hereditary artists losing their right over the same is crucial ...

The hell of individuation and how dancing could be the cure
- Brigid Delaney
With our bodies so absent in modern communication, maybe the key to reconnecting as a community lies in the physical.

Bolshoi to continue using blackface makeup, despite criticism
- Todd Prince
Russia's Bolshoi Theater said it will not change how it performs a nearly 140-year old ballet after a U.S based dancer criticized its use of blackface makeup as racially insensitive.

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