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February 2020
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

At a time of nationwide protests, India's classical artists are missing a culture of dissent, and this needs fixing
- Sammitha Sreevathsa
As the country quaked with the footfalls of citizen protests over the last few weeks, a great number of classical dancers and dance enthusiasts gathered everyday in Chennai for a totally different reason - to celebrate the dance season of the year, the Margazhi.

Dancer raises the issue of male-female union like that of Shiva and Shakti
- Sandip Soparrkar
Cross Mix Ally was a show about Shiva-Shakti and beyond. In our society today, females are considered the weaker sex.

Deeply moving, sensational choreographies
- Sowmya Beedu
During the month of Margazhi, Chennai geared up for its annual music and classical dance season.

'Being minimal is harder'
- Suanshu Khurana
Renowned contemporary dancer Astad Deboo on his learnings of 50 years, his upcoming ode to Gandhi, and expressing solidarity with students on the street.

An eternal recital
- Sean Colin Young
A dance recital featuring three dance forms - Kathak, Odissi and Kuchipudi - featuring bhajans of poets belonging to the bhaktiKaal.

A manifesto for contemporary dance-making in a new decade
- Ananya Chatterjea
10-Cornered Stakes of Contemporary Dance-Making at Times of High Imperatives.

How a dancer involved in a #MeToo scandal staged a Broadway comeback
- Alexandra Villarreal
A dancer accused of sharing explicit images of another dancer is starring in this season's splashy new take on West Side Story, leading to upset in the theater community

Protesters rally at 'West Side Story' against Amar Ramasar casting
- Caitlin Huston
A group of protesters gathered outside the Broadway Theatre Friday night to speak out against the casting of Amar Ramasar in the "West Side Story" revival.

'Reclaiming our passion': At 50, these Kerala women are taking dance classes
- Elizabeth Thomas
The Edappally Nrita Aaswadaka Sadas in Kochi conducts Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam classes for women above 50. They are prepping up for a performance later this year.

Sarngadeva Samaroh-Looking beyond performance
-Kunal Ray
At Sarngadeva Samaroh which took place in Aurangabad, discussions were given equal importance.

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