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February 2020

Bhamakalapam: The quintessence of Kuchipudi
- Dr. Tadepalli
The one work of literature that effectively brings home the quintessence of Kuchipudi is the iconic Bhamakalapam.

Nataraja: How the dancing avatar of Shiva made his way from rock sculptures to modern physics
- Harish Pullanoor
The deity, with obscure origins in the Indus Valley Civilisation, has inspired the likes of Carl Sagan and found a home at CERN.

Pair of young monks in Japan fuse break dance and Buddhism
- Asako Kisui
Two young monks from different Buddhist sects have formed a break-dancing duo named Kaiten Bozu (Spinning Monks).

Has the push for ever-more flexibility put dancers at risk?
- Emma Sandall
Briar Nolet's "My Prerogative" routine on NBC's "World of Dance" last season encompassed every crowd-pleasing acrobatic move you could imagine-and not imagine...

'Dance is not a museum': how ballet is reimagining problematic classics
- Lyndsey Winship
Historical ballets are rife with offensive colonial politics but choreographers and dancers are finding creative ways to change them for today's audiences.

Dance was just ranked the most physically demanding job in the U.S.
- Madeline Schrock
Dancers certainly don't need anyone to tell them how physical their profession is. But now, we have the data to prove it.

Pride and prejudice: Sadir has stirred scholarly debate in India and abroad, can the dance form finally get its mojo back?
- Margot Cohen
Separated by time, two women - Muthulakshmi Reddy and R Muthukkannammal - are bound by their focus on sadir, a precursor to the classical dance form now known as Bharatanatyam.

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