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December 2020
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Eminent artistes receive eviction notices to vacate government housing in Delhi
- Ismat Ara
While authorities allege misuse of accommodation, occupants stare at homelessness.

It sounded like a tornado: Fast-moving fire destroys theater at Jacob's Pillow
- Heather Bellow
The fire started about 7 a.m., and responding crews initially had trouble getting water. A hydrant on the property wasn't working, so firefighters had to get water from a nearby pond, according to Becket Fire Chief Paul Mikaniewicz.

Birju Maharaj, Jatin Das and other artistes protest against eviction notices for overstay in govt houses
- Srirupa Goswami
As many as 27 celebrated artistes, most in the 50 to 90 age group, have been served eviction notices by the ministry of urban development for overstaying in their government accommodations in posh areas of south Delhi.

From fields to the stage: Journey of Indian dance in South Africa
- Chitra Swaminathan
A virtual event will trace the 160 year journey of Indian dance in South Africa, carried there first by the indentured labourers.

Why don't we just dance...
- Purnima Sharma
A unique motivational initiative called 'Why I Dance' brought together 21 leading classical dancers of India on a single platform.

Keeping the rhythm alive
- Manjari Sinha
'Smritiyaan', a tribute to tabla ace Pt. Chatur Lal, was a blend of music and dance.

Six Mohiniyattam dancers on the Past, Present and Future of the Art
Globalisation is helping Mohiniyattam spread worldwide, but that shouldn't erode the Kerala dance's spirit, says the Vedhi series online festival organised by Vedhika Performing Arts, New Jersey.

Taking the pandemic in their stride
- Anuradha Vellat
An ongoing classical dance digital fest hopes to replicate the joy of performing in front of an audience.
Dance Watch Monthly: Focus on Linda Austin and Bobby Fouther
- Jamuna Chiarini
Dancers are adapting to the pandemic reality, mostly by taking performance online

Kalamandalam turns 90
- GS Paul
Tracing the journey of one of India's foremost cultural institutions.

Dancing the dilemmas away
- Rasshme Rao
Classical artistes must shed their inhibitions and upgrade their skills to suit the digital space.

Jacob's Pillow Theater "Total Loss" after early morning fire
- Josh Landes
The Doris Duke theater, which seats 216 and opened in 1990, is one of two indoor theaters on the Becket, Massachusetts campus of Jacob's Pillow. Officials say it caught fire around 7am.

The changing landscape of Indian classical dance forms and struggles performers are facing amid pandemic
- Simantini Dey
The pandemic has disrupted the slow yet progressive evolution of various Indian dance forms across India. While performing arts centres continue to remain closed, causing widespread unemployment of performers, things have shifted to the virtual sphere as recitals, and performances are taking place online.

Shift, Enter December Season
- Chitra Swaminathan
The Music Academy gears up for its very first virtual Margazhi festival.

No place for artistes
- Anuradha Raman
Twenty-seven Delhi-based art exponents have been asked to vacate their homes.

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