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December 2020

Copyright for Choreography: When is Copying a Dance a Copyright Violation?
- Laura Kees
"The 'choreographic work' standard is the ultimate dividing line between a copyrightable piece of art and a simple set of movements that cannot be copyrighted. But exactly where this line is drawn is the basis for many copyright-related lawsuits."

Re-imagining the University
- Dr. Kaustavi Sarkar
How can one find resilience in loss of livelihood? This article hopes to model an institutional solution to the pandemic by creating communities of practice across sectors - higher education and gig economy.

How modern India reinvented classical dance
- Jawahar Sircar
Sircar takes a look at the evolution of ancient Indian dance forms that accentuated classical traditions while also reconditioning them for modern India.

The Anjali Yathi
- M Subhashini Vijay Santhanam
Arrangement of rhythmic percussive syllables to match a pattern that pictorially represents a shape or object is called a Yathi.

How White Russian ballet dancers sparked a revolution in China's dance scene
- Paul French
After Anna Pavlova enchanted Shanghai audiences, every foreign mother wanted her daughter trained by Russian dancers, whose influence on modern Chinese ballet would be long lasting.

Moments of Note
- Sunil Kothari
About the memorable moments experienced during a lifelong association with the NCPA.

Finding the perfect title: How choreographers name their work
- Courtney Celeste Spears
When choreographing a new work, finding the perfect title can be tricky.

Reflections-Music and the brain
- Anil Dharker
Music has been put to some unusual uses...

Speaking the Art of Aesthetics through the eyes
- Compiled by Dr. S. Divyasena
I hope this small attempt of mine to consolidate the 178 Slokas in Chapter 8 of Natya Shastra, will act as a tool and give you an insight in understanding the importance of 'drishti' in Rasa.

The fading tribe of performer-gurus
- Bala Shankar
Once upon a time, star singers produced star students. Why has that link broken today?

Why Robots need Choreographers
- Madeline Schrock
Both dance and robotics are interested in how bodies - human or machine - move through space, and Cuan, a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering at Stanford University, is a robot choreographer.

More colour to Kalampattu
- Sreevalsan Thiyyadi
Adding ragas to the chanting has lent an extra vibrancy to this ritualistic art

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