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August 2020

Contemporary Dance in India today - A survey
- Annette Leday
An extensive report on the contemporary dance ecosystem in India was produced by Annette Leday, a leading choreographer, director trained in France and India, as a commission of the Centre National de la Danse, Paris in 2019. This report, originally in French, includes interviews with contemporary dancers from across India.

Not moving to dance music is nearly impossible, according to new research by University of Oslo
Nodding your head to a beat, or swaying along with the music, can feel as though it is happening automatically when a song comes flowing from loudspeakers. But have you tried to resist?

A look inside the Elite Instameet #CamerasandDancers
- Haley Hilton

Dance and Society: Beauty and the myth of the ‘real’ Bharatanatyam
- Sammitha Sreevathsa
Sammitha raises the question of who defines our ideas of beauty.

Ethnic? Exotic? The language of Indian classical dances in the UK
- Subhashini Goda
In 1980, Tara Rajkumar exclaims in an article, "anything that smacks of ethnic seems to leave them cold", referring to opinions on Indian dancing in the UK.

How do you succeed in dance? 33 industry leaders weigh in
- Dance Magazine
Dance Magazine spoke to 33 people from all corners of the industry to get their advice on the lessons that could help us all, no matter where we are in our careers.

In 'multicultural' West, Indian arts are still seen through racist eyes
- Anil Srinivasan
Festival organisers in the West tick the diversity objective with tokenistic events around Bollywood and then return to their 'mainstream' programming.

Here's what experts say to look for in a mask for dancing
- Cory Stieg
As we transition from taking class at home during the COVID-19 pandemic to sharing a studio with others, masks aren't just a costume accessory: They're a necessary health tool.

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