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April 2020
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Bhagavat Gita in dramatic interpretation as the existentialist crisis of man's inner battle
- Leela Venkataraman
Nature's fury with unseasonal rains and chaotic traffic seemed to chime in with Malavika Sarukkai's 'Battle Within', staged at the Kamani in Delhi, with the audience finding its way to the auditorium after harrowing travails.

Disney Junior's "Mira, Royal Detective" brings Indian dance styles to a global audience
- Madeline Schrock
The new children's show 'Mira, Royal Detective' follows a spirited Indian girl who solves mysteries. Along the way, each episode incorporates authentic Indian music and dance.

Dancing with the mind
- Hamsa Venkat
Three stalwarts of classical Indian dance let the imagination run wild as they find a place for their art in a contemporary world.

The Golden Age of scholarship on dance in South Indian cinema is here
- Minai
I happened onto Hari Krishnan's just-published book, 'Celluloid Classicism: Early Tamil Cinema and the Making of Modern Bharatanatyam.' Within the blink of an eye I had ordered it, and I have slowly been reading it in earnest.

The culture of performance art with 'Lal Jadoo'
- Farah Vayani
Co-curated by Amin Gulgee and Sara Pagganwala, LAL JADOO or Red Magic was a surrealist happening of simultaneous performances.

Womanhood celebrated through Bharatanatyam dance performance
Jaipurites witnessed a splendid Bharatnatyam dance performance by Geeta Chandran..

5 innovation lessons you can learn on the dance floor
- Erica Dhawan
Dancing is instinctive, creative, and a perfect metaphor for the innovation process. You can learn a lot from shaking that money maker.

Covid-19: Malaysian performing arts communities crippled
- Dinesh Kumar Maganathan & Terence Toh
Malaysian performing arts and theatre venues will take a big hit when the Government's restricted movement order to contain the Covid-19 outbreak comes into effect on March 18.

Arts and culture sector to get $55m boost to save jobs, improve skills and go digital as part of supplementary budget
- Toh Wen Li
The arts and culture sector, hit hard by measures to slow the spread of Covid-19, will get a $55 million support package from the Government in a bid to save jobs, as well as encourage groups to improve their skills and go digital.

Cornered in creativity by Coronavirus
- Abhirami Rao
Artists of various hues suffer as their shows are hit by the pandemic.

Germany has rolled out a staggering 50 billion aid package for small businesses that boosts artists and galleries-and puts other countries to shame
- Kate Brown
"Artists are not only indispensable, but also vital, especially now," says the country's culture minister.

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