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April 2020

A hundred years of the call of dancing: the chimes continue
- Dr Sruti Bandopadhay
Rabindranath's exposure to one of the most lyrical dance styles of India, the Manipuri dance, in Tripura brought about a dance-renaissance in the Bengali society in the early 20th century.

How dance can help change sexism in Indian society: A perspective for International Women's Day
- Simran Khurana
Dance is a mode of expression. Dance speaks the voice of the soul. Dance is how you connect the abstract and the real worlds.

A memorable trip to Sri Lanka
- Parvathi Ravi Ghantasala
I had always wanted to visit Sri Lanka. This year, I was fortunate to be invited to Jaffna University to do a workshop and to perform at the Colombo Natyanjali Festival 2020.

The 'Tawaifs' of Shahjahanabad
- Debasish Das
French traveller Francois Bernier in his epic 'Travels in the Mughal Empire, AD 1656-1668' recalls troupes of singing and dancing girls were regular features in Shahjahan's court...

It's time for critics to step in
- Jeremy Gerard
"Crrrritic!" Estragon sneers as the trumping put-down in the battery of insults he trades with Vladimir in 'Waiting for Godot.' You might say that for theater critics, it's been downhill ever since. And when are critics not crrrritics? That's easy: When we don't write rrrrreviews.

Step in time: how to save the legacy of dance from being lost in history
- Lindsey Winship
Earlier this month, Richard Alston's dance company performed their final shows after more than 25 years. It was a celebratory occasion and the end of an era.

With its emphasis on training rather than education, 'learning' in classical dance requires an urgent and critical rethink
- Sammitha Sreevathsa
A student is taught to effectively embody an aesthetic through physical training but with little reflection on what it means to do so historically, socially or politically.

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