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September 2019
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Mallakhamb: Ancient sport's new avatar
- Chitra Swaminathan
'Mallakhamb Mumbai' will show how an ancient sport has transformed into a performance art.

Bijayini Satpathy at the Drive East Festival - Kalpana bill - New York
- Marina Harss
The featured performer on August 5 was Bijayini Satpathy, an Odissi dancer who has appeared here often as part of the Nrityagram Dance Company.

The best of choreography at International Dance Alliance
- Renuka Suryanarayan
At its annual event, International Dance Alliance offered glimpses of the choreographic techniques of three veteran gurus.

Captivating Kathakali performance in Thrissur
- V Kaladharan
Seasoned artistes showcased nuanced performances of Kirmeeravadham and Nivatakavacha Kalakeya Vadham in Thrissur.

A hopeful Kathak soloist: Arunima Sengupta in Double Bill concert
- Navina Jafa
The glitzy intervention of technical production comprising of designer lighting, costumes and recorded sounds distract audiences to camouflage mediocre dance content, technique and emerging signature creativity.

Offerings to gurus
- Bhanu Kumar
Lingaraj Pradhan and Lata Surendra conveyed the beauty of their dance styles through well-choreographed pieces.

This Kathakali festival was a dedication to veteran Kottakkal Sivaraman
- Achuthan T K
Orma 2019 celebrated Irayimman Thampi's plays in a three-day Kathakali fête in Palakkad, which was dedicated to the memory of thespian Kottakkal Sivaraman.

Bhavya's accent was on bhava
- Bhanu Kumar
Her performance for the Music Academy's mid-year dance festival was marked by graceful footwork and expressions.

Playing a Kathak dancer a big challenge: Upendra Limaye
"My character Sachin Mane is a Kathak dancer from Satara. He stays with his family and runs a Kathak school. He believes that Kathak is the best dance form....."

Devi Bharatham - the Goddess as Mother and Liberator
- Bhanu Kumar
At Natyarangam's annual festival, artistes explored the theme through apt songs and effective choreography.

Seeking Krishna
- Anuradha Vellat
"Gita Govinda" saw acclaimed artistes exploring different facets of the Lord.

An interesting repertoire
- Bhanu Kumar
Lokesh Raj impressed with his choice of pieces and choreographic touches.
Koodiyattam: Dexterous transformations by Kapila Venu
- VR Prabodhachandran Nayar
Kapila Venu was flawless as the demoness Soorpanakha in a Koodiyattam recital of episodes from Ascharyachoodamani in the capital city.

Chronicling Kathakali performances in pictures
- Anasuya Menon
Lawyer and hobby photographer N Ajith Menon has been chronicling Kathakali performances in pictures.

A multitude of movements
- Praveen Sudevan
Attakkalari's graduation day has Teresa Rottemberg, Stefano Fardelli and Ion Garnika presenting three distinct yet fascinating choreographies.

SGN's rich legacy in full display
- Lalithasai
The anniversary show spoke volumes of Guru Ranganayaki Jayaraman's imagination and her disciples' enterprise.

Experiments with female representation
- Vikram Phukan
In Maya Krishna Rao's 'Loose Woman,' the elemental woman can rely on both instinct and intellect...

Onstage oracle of digitally divine
- Neha Kirpal
Bharatanatyam exponent Jayalakshmi Eshwar reinvents the dance form for a second time by blending technology and tradition.

Monsoon Festival of Dance: When expressions say it all
- Ranee Kumar
Four seasoned dancers explored the importance of abhinaya in classical dance at the Monsoon Festival of Dance in New Delhi.

Abhinaya: Dilemmas and challenges of a complex process
- Navina Jafa
Abhinaya, an important part of the Indian classical dance happens in stillness and evolves from written words to the world of images.

Well-sculpted performance
- Ranee Kumar
In "Brihadeeswara", Bala Devi Chandrasekhar delved into the depths of the famous Thanjavur architectural marvel.

Shafeekuddin and Shabana executed the themes with élan
- Bhanu Kumar
The duo's bhava-rich presentations and well-synchronised footwork offered a rich visual treat for the rasikas at the mid-year dance festival.

A Bharatanatyam ballet tracing the descent of a mighty river
- Aishwarya Upadhye
Inspired by a mountain climbing expedition in the Himalayas, this two-hour long dance drama fused with Kalaripayattu and Odissi traces the journey of the Ganga from her origin in Gangotri.

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