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Narthaki Monthly Newsletter
September 2019

"Build me a porch! Hang me a swing!"
A dancer's plight?

- Ramaa Bharadvaj
Dr. Parul Shah, the 66-year-old ex-Dean of MS University, applies to join this Kathak course - as a student! And then... she is REJECTED! That's right! She is denied course entry / refused / declined!

Patronage, Economics and Solo Indian Dance
- Navina Jafa
Barring Kuchipudi and Manipuri, the basic feature of the Indian classical tradition is the solo dance.

Mohan Khokar Dance Collection: It was one man's mission in life, now India's treasure
- Alka Raghuvanshi
And interestingly, it is his son, the well-known dance scholar and critic Ashish, who re-introduced me to the collection.

Drive East festival showcases the best of India's classical performance traditions
- Anjana Rajan
The Drive East festival in New York and San Francisco showcases Indian arts in an intimate setting.

Dance debuts big as weddings
- Rajitha Menon, Malini Raghu
Parents spend up to Rs 10 lakh on an evening to launch their children on the Bharatanatyam stage.

How folk art form 'thudumbattam' transformed the lives of these artistes
- Akila Kannadasan
Folk art form thudumbattam has put artiste S Samynathan and his team on the global stage, winning them recognition, and most importantly, equality.

Embodying Navarasas in performative practice
- Bindu Rajendran
Emotions are also the language at Natana Kairali's two-week-long 'Navarasa Sadhana' workshop in the quaint little town of Irinjalakuda in Kerala. The workshop is developed by G. Venu, scholar and exponent of Koodiyattam and Kathakali.

6 famous dancers on the dance movies that changed their lives

A year after #MeToo rocked the Carnatic circuit, how have the sabhas responded
- Archana Nathan
#MeToo allegations surfaced in Chennai's classical music and dance circles a year ago. How far has the community moved to ensure zero tolerance for sexual harassment?

How the solo dancer anchors Indian dance forms
- Navina Jafa
Eminent gurus, who have nurtured solo artistes, give us an insight into the state of the anchoring feature of most Indian classical dances.

It's time to stop encouraging dancers to always push beyond their limits
- Liz Hurt

Five major dance critics stepped down last season. What does that mean for the future of the field?
- Laura Cappelle

How taking class with 300 dancers in front of the "Good Morning America" studios reminded me why I love Ballet
- Chava Lansky
At 6:30 this morning, I exited the subway in Times Square and walked towards the group of dancers gathered outside the 'Good Morning America' studios.

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