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October 2019

INAI - The Connection: An Interview with Hema Rajagopalan and Astad Deboo
Natya Dance Theatre Artistic Director, Hema Rajagopalan, and Indian contemporary dancer, Astad Deboo, share about the process and inspirations behind making #INAI.

Uday Shankar: Father of modern Indian dance who never learnt how to dance
- Unnati Sharma
Uday Shankar, the pioneer of Indian non-classical dance forms who enthralled western audiences with his unique style, died in 1977.

Classically endowed
- Rashmi Vasudeva
An acclaimed classical dancer, choreographer and composer, Padma Subrahmanyam is known for her ‘show-not-tell’ approach to the arts.

Dancing truth to power: Q&A with Bharatanatyam dancer Mallika Sarabhai
- Dhanya Rao
Mallika Sarabhai shares how she uses the ancient Indian art form to address climate change, gender-based violence and human rights.

Bharatanatyam star Shobana Chandrakumar on what dancing taught her
- Sneha Mankani
She has danced her way to screens and stages across the world, opened a dance school, Kalarpana, in Chennai…

Nandini Varma, Kerala’s woman chenda player
- Malini Nair
Defying gender-biased temple rules of ritual purity, Nandini Varma has drummed her way into the electrifying chenda ensembles of Kerala. Now she awaits a chance to perform at the iconic Guruvayoor Temple.
The Traditional Body, The Contemporary Mind and The (Dancing) Mother
- January Low
A little over a year ago, I was invited to be a part of MI(X)G, Festival Tokyo’s 2018 opening production, and the cherry on the sundae was to work together with legendary Thai contemporary dance artist Pichet Klunchun for five weeks spread out over four months.

Bharatanatyam dancer shatters racial stereotypes, one dance at a time
- Vidya Raja
Charles spoke to me after a 16-hour long day, and not once during the conversation did his energy level dip. Passionate, determined, and outspoken, he talks about Bengaluru’s transition from a sleepy town to an IT hub.

On a song and dance
- Shobhana Sachidanand
Carnatic music and Bharatanatyam exponent Bhavana Pradyumna tells Shobhana Sachidanand that she thrives and breathes on music and dance which have become her life.

#peripheries: In conversation with Snježana Abramović Milković, Artistic Director and Founder of the Dance and Non-Verbal Theatre Festival San Vincenti, Croatia
- Isabel Putinja
The #peripheries have been regarded as being in the geographical margin, distant from the capital cities and cultural centres of countries. Through this series of articles, one can look at various arts endeavours by artists, cultural professionals and art organisations who operate or occupy the peripheries in an urban society and the role that the arts play.

100-year-old ballet teacher shares secrets to long life: Diet, exercise, optimism
- A. Pawlowski
“You have to take care of yourself. This body is the only thing you’ve got,” Henry Danton says.

The working processes of artists: CHOWK’s Raka Maitra
In this video, Lasalle students Ernie Martha and Raesmi Nambiar speak to Raka Maitra, founder and artistic director of Chowk, on the practice of contemporary dance in Singapore, her roots as a classical Odissi dancer in India and the challenges the company faces.

Unheard and unknown: my experience with dance
- Shreya Beldona

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