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Narthaki Monthly Newsletter
October 2019

Odissi dance, the way it is transformed and how it goes up; a critical view
- Leela Venkataraman
Even as confirmed traditionalists in dance keep arguing against changes, we all realize that change as time passes on, is inevitable. 

Itís yoga all the way, says book that deconstructs Indian classical dance
- Sharon Lowen
In relating the third limb of yoga, the asanas, to dance, we are told how body positions transform us spiritually.

The best dance of the 21st century

As a male dancer myself, I know why Prince George was really mocked for taking ballet
- George Williamson
I see the overlap between misogyny and homophobia, how jokes about boys doing ballet or 'throwing like girls' land with all the more pain when you know they mean to ridicule you for being queer.

Manorah - Traditional Thai dance

Jean Erdman, a legend & pioneer, combined together dance & myth
- Sharon Lowen
Jean Erdman is a magical, pioneering legend whose name I would guess doesnít ring a bell for many of you.

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