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November 2019
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

What did Draupadi see when she looked into the magic mirror?
- Leela Venkataraman
The plot starts with Hidimbi, married to Bhima, procuring a magic mirror which reflected what the heart of the one looking into it desired.

Dancers in distress
- Veena Mani
An erstwhile men-only dance form, Kuchipudi is now monopolised by women. Debates on social stigma, grace, lack of support from sabhas and shrinking scope have forced most male dancers to become nattuvanars.

JNU plans school of traditional Indian music and dance
- Fareeha Iftikhar

Random thoughts at Nartaka dance festival
- Vjsagar
I was glad I had an opportunity to immerse in some wonderful dance experience at the Natyanjali Trust's recent Nartaka festival.
The crowd funds her arangetram
- Veena Mani
Dance has always been for the elite. The nature of the art form usually allows only those from affluent backgrounds to enter the field.

Dancer becomes director Cultural Center in Moscow
- Krupa Joseph

Precision, elegance mark her debut
- GV Anna Rao
Young Bharatanatyam dancer, Hyderabad-based Neha Sathanapalli, makes an impressive stage debut under her able Guru Dr. Ananda Shankar Jayant.

Fraught with controversies, Rajyotsava awards for committee member and two BJP symapthisers
- Sanddep Moudgal
What appears to have been kept under wraps was the fact that one institution and two personalities who were conferred with the awards were either part of the committees for the awards and "linked" with the govt.

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