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Narthaki Monthly Newsletter

November 2019

Forbidden art
- Dr Subashini Pathmanathan
In Sri Lanka the role of temple dancers did not carry any particular ritual purpose in the Sri Lankan Hindu temple traditions.

This Indian epic unites seven different Southeast Asian countries. Sort of.
- Sukhbir Cheema
Considered one of the world's most important literary works, the Ramayana has captured the imagination of many who read or listen to the Indian epic.

Devadasi influence in Tamil cinema
- Theodore Baskaran

A rare dance treasure
- Purnima Sharma
Despite dance enjoying a revered status in India, there is still no museum dedicated to this old tradition of ours, except for the Mohan Khokar Dance Collection.
Yes, it *is* possible to have a dance career outside a big city
- Candice Thompson

Barcelona Dance Company barred from performing in Los Angeles
- BWW News Desk

Gotipua: The Boy Dancers of Odisha - I and II
- Aloka Kanungo
In a three-part series, Aloka Kanungo traces the history of the Gotipua tradition - the precursor to modern day Odissi.
Part I ; Part II

Are we ready for a new life?
- Kirtana Kumar
The most important gesture towards best practice in theatre support and infrastructure is for curatorial and selection criteria to be clear and accessible to the theatre community. Will we get there soon?

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