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June 2019

SANCHARI.. More on the arts

- Kalanidhi Dance and Sujata Mohapatra - Dancing the Gods Festival - New York
-Marina Harss
We're lucky in New York to get as much classical Indian dance as we do.

- Kala Sampada: For that folksy flavor
-VV Ramani
Kala Sampada was in true Kalakshetra style.

- 'Like swachh Bharat, I am also for swachh Kathak'
-Barkha Mathur
Pt. Rajendra Gangani hails from the biggest families of Kathak dancers and percussionists in the country.

- Geeta Chandran's dance, dialogue and beyond
-Madhur Gupta
Young performers were in focus at the World Dance Day celebrations organised by seasoned Bharatanatyam exponent Geeta Chandran.

- Rhythms of the body
- Lakshmi Ramakrishna
Veteran dancer Anju Babu's passion for the art saw many dance aspirants taking up Kathak in Hyderabad.

- Sonalscape: Celebrating 75 eventful years of Sonal Mansingh
-Usha RK
An eventful life inundated with highs and lows, twists and turns like the mighty Ganga, she emerges flowing into every phase of her journey.

- Salutations to Natya guru
-Bhanu Kumar
'Nrithya Samarpanam' brought together students of senior teachers on a common platform.

- Life in motion
-Shailaja Khanna
Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam recently gave an insightful talk on the theory and practice of Bharatanriytam.

- Of wisdom and virtuosity
-Ranee Kumar
Seasoned exponents Pandit Birju Maharaj and Lakshmi Vishwanathan explained how varied human emotions could be explored through dance

- Traditional weddings for the new age
-Bhanu Kumar
'Divya Vivaaham' that presented the marriage of six divine couples was a visual delight.

- Seeta Patelís re-imagining of The Rite of Spring at The Place
-Ian Abbott
Last Summer at Tanzmesse I saw an eight-minute excerpt of Seeta Patelís reimagining of The Rite of Spring; nine months later Iím here at The Place to see how it has grown.
- Play of expressions
-V Kaladharan
Kalamandalam Shanmukhan and Kalamandalam Radhakrishnan did a fine job in visualising the scenes in Kirmeeravadham Kathakali.


- Learn and unlearn
-Anuradha Vellat
Learning different dance vocabularies adds depth to one's performance, says Kuchipudi dancer Amrita Lahiri

- High on contemporary interpretation
-Bhanu Kumar
Ramli Ibrahim's 'Odissi on High', staged recently in Mumbai, was the coming together of two artistic legacies.

- A powerful depiction
The dance fest organised by Shriram Bharatiya Kala Kendra saw many moods of Indian mythology, always portraying the power of the character.

- Confluence of music and dance
-Harish Bal
The four-day Kalandhika National Festival in Kochi featured vivacious performances by leading practitioners.

- The ABHAI abhivriddhishala experience
-Abhirami Rao
ABHAI's Abhivriddhishala showed young aspirants glimpses of the nuances of Bharatanatyam.

- Between desire and fear...
-Ranee Kumar
In 'Nayika ke Manobhaav', Odissi exponent Vinod Kevin Bachan expressed multiple moods of the character with the right emotive quotient.

- Tyagaraja in quest of Rama
-Rama Kausalya
'Manomanthana' presented on Tyagaraja Jayanti, was a winning combo of several aesthetic features.

- Ancient art form, contemporary stories
-Ranjana Dave
Revanta Sarabhai uses Bharatanayam to tell stories about modern-day experiences of love and life.

- SNA celebrates World Dance Day with Dr Padma Subrahmanyam
-Shailaja Khanna
A highly expressive dancer and extremely articulate communicator, along with her great learning, Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam also revealed her witty side.

- Dance with Me
-Aruna Chandraraju
Tales from the Bull and the Tiger was the 26th production from Shankarananda Kalakshetra which showcased the artisteís skills

- Rich tributes to a master
-Achuthan T K
Gurusmarana festival was a visual and aural treat as participating artistes came up with some superb performances.

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