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June 2019


- Abhinaya - The most relevant and contemporary of our repertoire
-Amrita Lahiri
Back then in the 90s, it was pure dance movements that impressed me the most - the stretch of those long arms, the aramandi, the rhythms, the dramatic poses….all the aspects of dance that impress teenagers.

- Origin of Gotipua Parampara
-Prajna Mishra
The tradition of boys being dressed as girls and performing abhinaya in praise of Lord Jagannath was named as 'Gotipua' dance.

- More than Dance
-Mesma Belsare
What dance education at Natya Vriksha did for me.

- Guru-Shishya Parampara: Then vs. Now
-Madhur Gupta
There have always been profound discussions on the difference between a teacher and a guru.

- Dance as a way of life
-Kavita Kanan Chandra
The dynamic and ancient dance tradition of Bali is an integral part of the religious and artistic tenor of the Balinese people.

- Traditionally ours
-Surekha Kadapa-Bose
Lavani, once a revered dance form and then obscured by frivolity and societal stigma, is coming out of the shadows.

- Jayantika : Archaeology and imagination in the Reincarnation of Odissi : Part One
-Donovan Roebert
My intention here involves nothing more ambitious than an attempt to clear up for myself the workings of a certain congeries of factors that went into the reincarnation of Odissi.

- Connecting to community and culture
-Divya Kasturi
U.K. opens up number of spaces to train and teach Bharatanatyam for aspirants.

- United colours of Theyyam
-K.K. Gopalakrishnan
Mappila Theyyam pushes religious boundaries to celebrate art.

- Dance in the age of multimedia
-Navina Jafa
Recent events have put the cursor on how rasa resonates in the light of technology.

- A dance historian's notes on how the Natyashastra was mastered
-Dr. Sunil Kothari
Translations of the Natyashastra have also appeared in Gujarati, Marathi and Hindi.

- How Tholpavakoothu has taken over contemporary spaces
-Gowri S
Tholpavakoothu, a centuries-old shadow puppetry tradition inherent to Kerala, has been feeling the winds of change.

- Heritage of Indian manuscript tradition
-Choodamani Nandagopal
National Museum is a treasure for manuscripts and ancient written records. Handwritten manuscripts numbering 14,000 from various provinces were acquired by the National Museum.

- Empress of artistry
-Anjana Rajan
On the 101st birth anniversary of Balasaraswati, seniors recall what made the queen of Bharatanatyam great.

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