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December 2019
SANCHARI.. More on the arts

Making Sita come alive
- Nirupama V
Enacte's Vinita Sud posed a 1-minute challenge to Drs. Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and Anita Ratnam to speak phrases and words that brought Sita alive for them.

A Million Sitas... and more
- Archna Asthana
A revered, treasured epic poem, "Ramayana" compellingly retold by Dr. Anita Ratnam through a modern lens transcends from traditional to contemporary, while remaining timeless.

Akram Khan in Xenos: dancing, design and music all incredible in story of Indian soldier during World War I
- Natasha Rogai
Khan's farewell full-length solo performance showed he is at the height of his powers, and one can only hope this isn't a final farewell.

Of artistry and virtuosity
- Harish Bal
Dharani Kalotsav showcased captivating music and dance recitals.

Akademi at 40 | 40 under 40
To mark the occasion of its 40th anniversary, Akademi have released a list of 40 under 40 South Asian dance artists to look out for in the UK.

Kochi edition of Soorya Parampara festival packed in some scintillating dance performances
- Harish Bal
The event showcased young but seasoned dancers with a proud legacy of illustrious gurus.

What it means to be a Kumudini Lakhia student
- Bhanu Kumar
Veteran Kumudini Lakhia's students, led by Aditi Mangaldas, highlighted her distinctive training and technique at a NCPA show.
Spotlight on Natya kshetras at BVB festival
- Usha Rajaram
The two-day dance festival organised by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Coimbatore, featured a thematic presentation.

Mavin Khoo and Temple of Fine Arts
- Magdalen Gorringe
Presented at the third Darbar festival based at Sadler's Wells, this performance brought twelve fantastically accomplished artists to the stage.

Forty Years On-In Conversation with Tara Rajkumar OAM
- Shivaangee Agrawal
Tara Rajkumar began by painting a vivid picture of London in the early 70s and the near-total absence of our south Asian art world was an overwhelming image to behold.

- Magdalen Gorringe
Ruminations held on 15 October 2019, was a look back by Akademi, South Asian Dance in the U.K., at its forty years of existence - 1979 to 2019.

Natya Dance's world premiere 'Inai' asks, what if there were no differences, racial or otherwise?
- Lauren Warnecke
Through dynamic dance, puppetry and original music representing a cluster of cultural influences, "Inai" explores tribalism and the real and perceived barriers that separate people by country, culture, race, class and religion.

Cross-cultural connection and collaboration at the heart of Natya Dance Theatre's newest work
- Jordan Kunkel
The evening began with a dark stage, only a small puppet visible. The puppet, who foreshadowed a larger-than-life puppet to come, appeared to speak as a woman's voice radiated through the theater: "The struggle is not between ourselves, but within us."

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