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Narthaki Monthly Newsletter

December 2019

Going by strings
- Ashwini Jain
In one corner of the Manjusha Antique Museum at Dharmasthala stands a captivating veene, whose story leads the author to its illustrious owner.

These 9 Dance Science Studies could one day change our approach in the studio
- Kathleen McGuire

How Flamenco explains Spain's complex identity
- Sandie Holguín
The music, born of Gypsies in the country's south, was embraced by foreigners long before it became a national symbol.
Who are land acknowledgments really for?
- Lauren Wingenroth
Many dance performances today open with an acknowledgment of the indigenous tribes that lived on the land where the venue is located. But who are these acknowledgments really benefitting?

Can children learn science through dance?
- Eva Amsen
How would you dance the ocean tides? That's a question that several ten-year-old pupils at Portuguese schools have had to think about, as they took part in a pilot project that uses dance in geology education.

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