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Narthaki Monthly Newsletter
September 2019


Here a Guru, There a Guru, Everywhere a Guru, Guru...
- Ramaa Bharadvaj
This year, as the day of Guru Purnima dawned, I noticed that social media had become unusually cluttered with yesteryear snaps of dancers with their teachers, as well as reminiscences and offerings of gratitude by dancers to their 'gurus'.

Freezing Performance Art of Avinash Pasricha
- Dr. Navina Jafa
This article is a critique of the art of the well-known artist Avinash Pasricha based on a few selected photographs on dance and music.

Influence of Bharata's 'Tandavalakshanam' on Kathak 'Taalpaksh'
- Sunil Sunkara
While the movement vocabulary of the Natyashastra as described in the Tandavalakshanam classifies as margi, all the movement vocabulary in Kathak today would classify as desi.

Tana varnams: The promise of more than an abhyasageetham
- Mridula Anand
Why are tana varnams not popular as performance pieces in Bharatanatyam? A look at the structure of the varnam might give us clues.

Is Dance underfunded because it's undervalued?
- David Dorfman
I hate asking for money. I am tired of feeling like we, as dance practitioners, are constantly begging for every morsel of sustenance.

My First Czech Arangetram: Musings
- Dr. Joyce Paul Siamak
I had been working on my Czech student, Stepanka's arangetram for almost two years. We must have scheduled dates at least 6 times and then for some inexplicable reasons ended up not being able to pull it off.

What it's like to be a dancer in the Islamic Republic of Iran
- Parya

How is Indian classical dance viewed abroad? Some answers
- Sharon Lowen
The place and impact of India's dance traditions throughout the world is obviously a vast subject covering space and time.

Science confirms: Dancing makes you happy
- Jennifer Delgado
When we dance our brain releases endorphins, neurotransmitters that create a feeling of comfort, relaxation, fun and power.

Is it ever okay to leave a performance during curtain call?
- Madeline Schrock

Wayang Wong shows connection between arts of Indonesia and India
- Dr.Sunil Kothari
Watching these aesthetic presentations, one realises how Indonesia and India are so closely connected through these performing arts.

6 reasons dance training makes us better human beings
- Steve Zee
As a dance educator, I take comfort in the fact that high-quality dance training helps shape students into genuinely good people.

Arts for diplomacy and tourism, but forgotten in budgets
- VP Dhananjayan

Has the quest for versatility erased dancers' movement signatures?
- Nancy Wozny

The Maharaja of music
- Nikhil Sardana
The strangely uncelebrated story of an Indian maharaja's invaluable contribution to Western classical music. The year was 1948.

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