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Rasika Arts presents
Maanini-a lady in love
ADA Rangamandira, 6.15pm
May 27, 2023 Bangalore
May 20, 2023
MAANINI - a lady in love
Rasika Arts presents Maanini-a lady in love
Revisiting a classic presentation and looking at it with fresh perspectives.
Woman, Godís most unique creation, is an exquisite combination of contradictions. This enigmatic persona has found expression through the delineation of the Ashtanayikas. The Astanayikas can be looked at not only as eight different women as the name may suggest, but the eight different moods or phases of a woman in love. Thus, through her dance, a Nayika may express coyness, joy, despair, anger, pride or jealousy, creating a collage of emotions so essential for dance.

MAANINI explores the intriguing yet fascinating concept of Ashtanayikas, from Indian classical art and literature.

MAANINI is a collaborative project and has been presented on many prestigious platforms - Suvritti Festival, Kalakshetra Foundation - Chennai and Serendipity Festival, Goa, to name a couple.

Conceived and choreographed by Kiran Subramanyam and featuring some of the brightest young talents from Bengaluru, MAANINI will be presented on Saturday, May 27, 2023 at 6.15pm at ADA Rangamandira, J. C. Road, Bangalore.

MAANINI 2023 is a completely crowd funded project.

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