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23rd edition of JOMBA! presents
I m / Material - 8 dance films
Curated by Pickle Factory Dance Foundation
September 4 & 5, 2021

August 18, 2021

I m / Material is a selection of 8 dance films from India curated by Vikram Iyengar and Kunal Chakraborty of Pickle Factory Dance Foundation, Calcutta for the 23rd edition of JOMBA! Contemporary Dance Experience, Durban.

I m / Material presents a series of dialogues between the mediums of dance and cinema created by artists from / in India. Each film plays between the materiality of the physical body and the materiality of the spaces the bodies inhabit and encounter. The dancers and filmmakers negotiate these various spaces through movement, opening up tensions and textures between natural and man-made environments, elements and expectations. In the process, they propose yet another fluid space created between and with the dance-maker's and the filmmaker's eye. The relationships between the dancing body, the camera and the surrounding contexts are diverse, fluid, and complex - reflective of a country where socio-cultural borders are never static, and traditional and contemporary sensibilities often occupy the same time/space.

Within the larger festival frame of Border Crossings, we explored several questions to arrive at somewhere. Questions like

- What does the idea of 'border' mean in a country like India where dividing lines can be both rigid and inherently amorphous?
- How does one cross borders that are never static?
- How does one inhabit and move between different times, sensibilities and contexts, and still be part of one larger fabric?

The themes are varied and are also intricately interwoven with one another. So again it is difficult to find a border here as well. It's porous. JOMBA had already proposed Border Crossings, and that keeps coming up in many ways - interculturally, between forms, sometimes more philosophically. Alongside, we are also trying to problematize the notion of the 'contemporary': what can the term mean in a country of many cultures and many approaches to life? One of the major themes running through is the materiality of the body itself as it engages with the materiality outside of it - this space of flux and possibility gives the selection its amorphous name: I m / Material.

The films in the selection are:

Aahuti by Lubdhak Chatterjee and Pompi Paul

by Hediyeh Azma and Sumedha Bhattacharyya

And indeed there will be time by Preethi Athreya and Sharan Devkar Shankar

Fall by Gia Singh Arora

Ima by Bimbavati Devi

This Weight Is Not Mine by Pippa Samaya and Niharika Senapati

Home, Suspended by Nikita Maheshwary

Underline by Frédéric Lombard and Surjit Nongmeikapam

Watch online for free on 4 September (Saturday) 7pm as part of the 23rd Jomba! Contemporary Dance Experience, hosted by UKZN's Centre for Creative Arts, which runs from the 24th August - 5 September 2021 on itsYouTube channel.

The films will premiere on 4 Sept at 7pm SAST
The films will be available on the platform for 72 hours.

The premiere will be followed by a panel discussion titled JOMBA ! CONVERSATIONS THAT CROSS BORDERS on 5 Sept at 3pm SAST between Dr. Lliane Loots, Artistic Director and Curator, JOMBA! and Vikram Iyengar and Kunal Chakraborty of Pickle Factory Dance Foundation.

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