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Kalasri premieres
Keshava / Tharayil in
Zwei Zu Zwei
June 24-26, 2021 Basel

June 3, 2021

In ZWEI ZU ZWEI, Anjali and Sumitra Keshava, and Ralph and Norwin Tharayil join each other on stage as Indian-Swiss sibling pairs. Within the framework of a fictitious dance lesson, the authors and performers attempt to learn the traditional Indian dance art of Bharatanatyam from the two dancers. Moving, twisting and bending their bodies gradually results in a critical dance experience in which the Keshavas and the Tharayils explore the issues of identity, belonging and cultural (re)presentation. The four performers address their individual vulnerability through a process of physical and linguistic mediation, thereby discovering the medium of dance as a possible form of self-empowerment.

Dates: 24th / 25th / 26th June 2021 at 8pm
Duration: 75 min
Venue: Kaserne Basel
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Language: Swiss-German, German, Malayalam, Telugu, Hindi, Sanskrit

Film: Michelle Ettlin
Choreography, text, performance: Anjali Keshava, Sumitra Keshava, Ralph Tharayil, Norwin Tharayil
Editing: Michelle Ettlin, Ralph Tharayil, Norwin Tharayil
Camera: Michelle Ettlin
Additional Footage: Andi Hofmann
Video & projection design: Moritz Flachsmann
Music: Jascha Dormann
With music by: D. Keshava, P. Ramaa, M. A. Krishnamurthy, S. Nirujan, K.S. Ganesh, K. Jayaram, R. Dayakara, Y. Mahadasu
Stage & light design: Thomas Giger
Head of production: Regula Schelling
Technical director: Marc Hoffmann


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