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Aditi Mangaldas premieres
Lost…in the forest!
For ‘Anwesana-Reflections in Solitude'
by Sampradaya Dance Creations
May 16, 2021

May 5, 2021


LOST… in the forest!

The deer startled!
Two moons? Which is what?
What is real and what is an illusion?
Is the illusion real? A REAL illusion?

Ah! says the deer,
I am lost,
LOST… in the forest!

And the pilgrim on the boat? Lost?
Am I lost? The wanderer asks.
Lost in time or time lost in me?
Lost in space or space lost in me?

River? Still? A STILL river?
A turbulent boat, hurtling down! But to where?
On what? Where is the water? Where is the river?

In the boat! The river is in the boat! Lost river, lost boat!
Time? Space? Narratives?
Framed? Unframed?
Life?... Ah! Lost narratives!

LOST… River… Boat… Deer… Space… Time… Narratives!
LOST… in the forest!

And, the deer leaps across, free!

ONLINE PREMIERE | Sunday May 16, 2021 | 7:30pm EST & 5am IST
Premiering at ‘Anvesana - Reflections in Solitude' by Sampradaya Dance Creations, Canada

For tickets and other details
The video will be available until Wednesday, May 19th, 2021 | 7am EST

Choreographer’s note:
“Dance needs to breathe the air of the NOW. It cannot survive in a vacuum. As the Pandemic rages through the world, time and space have become amorphous. My dance and emotions too, are embroiled in this viscous amalgam of tumbling moments.
The first work, ‘Naav Mein Nadiya - River In The Boat’ by the acclaimed poet Kunwar Narain, turns what is known and what is normal on its head. Where even darkness gets lost in darkness! Where the river finds itself in the boat!
The full celebration of life is currently denied to humanity, but hope remains our anchor. The second work embodies the deer as the protagonist. Startled and joyous at the sight of the two moons, the real and the reflected, the deer takes the viewer on a journey of wonder. The celebrated poet Bharatendu Harishchandra’s poem, has helped me to get immersed in the deer-spirit and given me the courage to say, tomorrow is another day.” – Aditi Mangaldas

Concept, Dance and Choreography: Aditi Mangaldas
Music: Shubha Mudgal
Film: Nirvair Singh
Light Design: Govind Singh Yadav
Photo:  Nirvair Singh

Commissioned by Sampradaya Dance Creations | Canada
Supported by:
Toulmin Creatorship | Through The Center for Ballet and the Arts,
New York University and  National Sawdust Partnership | USA


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