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Sapphire Creations premieres
SEEK - three new short works
October 31, 2020

October 29, 2020

Sapphire Creations premieres three new short works in SEEK which is about the verb that now qualifies our state of mind which changes with such moments of despair and chaos when we try to look beyond!

What is it that we are seeking! They say what you seek is seeking you! What is your life's true purpose and how do you arrive at it! How is this journey of discoveries charted! Listening to our intuition, pursuing our dreams and creating an ideal reality we want to reach.

Sapphire presents 3 new pieces this time.

ONIONS: An abstract piece about layers. Just like onions have layers, this piece is a representation from the dancers' perspective of the layers of experience and exposure that moulds and makes a person.

Concept & Choreography: Sylvester Mardi
Music: Nils Frahm & Rival Consoles
Performed by: Bijoy Sharma, Souvik Roy, Sumitava Saha, Avishek Mitra & Sylvester Mardi

COMPANION: A man's best friend often is his pet. What do these golden hearts do to change our lives and who we are. When they cross over the rainbow bridge, what memories of love and warmth do they leave behind. No one loves unconditionally like animals! A tribute to these loved extensions of who we are.

Choreography & performance: Koushik Das

BISHORJON: We worship with much pomp and splendour the coming and going of Devi Durga, Ma Durga every year. The deity, the divine feminine is celebrated for 10 days across the country and then immersed in water to bid her goodbye. She is carried on men's shoulders as she travels to her immersion, with respect and reverence. What happens though to ordinary women, they are gagged, raped, abused, mutilated, killed, burnt in the name of religion, caste, dowry, penance, ritual or just lust and pure patriarchal power every moment. Is it time yet to spot the Devi in every human who identifies as female? When will we wake up?

Concept & Direction: Sudarshan Chakravorty
Yoga flow design: Paramita Saha
Music: Adya Stotro by Swagatalaxmi Dasgupta
Performers: Bijoy Sharma, Souvik Roy, Sumitava Saha, Avishek Mitra, Ujjayee Banerjee, Pallavi Saha, Promita Karfa

Date: 31st Oct, 7pm to 8pm Live streamed for a ticketed audience

The fund is used for support and sustenance of the participating artists of Sapphire and also through this initiative, to keep the dancers engaged in the process of creation and performance.


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