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Anitha Guha's Bharathanjali marks
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's 95th Jayanthi
Bharathanjali's 30th Anniversary
November 21 - 23, 2020

October 22, 2020

Every year, the month of November brings excitement in the hearts of all students at Anitha Guha's Bharathanjali as they eagerly wait to celebrate Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Jayanthi, where the entire dance school right from the tiny tots to the senior most students gear up in full swing to put up the School Annual Day. This year is BHAGAWAN SRI SATHYA SAI BABA'S 95TH JAYANTHI and incidentally BHARATHANJALI'S 30TH YEAR ANNIVERSARY.

Every sphere of life has undergone a huge transformation during this pandemic. The artists at Bharathanjali, like all the others, have adapted to the digital era and accepted this as part of their learning curve when it comes to dance.

"When everything came to a standstill in the month of March, we did not anticipate the situation to prolong for the entire year! With the amount of frontline workers out there putting their lives at stake to help us have a safe lockdown, dance class was the last thing on our minds. This year we were also supposed to stage two of Guru Anitha Guha's productions in the USA - Shiva Shiva Shiva Ena Radha for Cleveland Thyagaraja Aradhana and Nandalala for Aim For Seva. In an effort to lift the spirits of the students, our Guru decided to mark the 30th anniversary on a small scale which slowly led us to adapt to the new normal - online classes. Ever since Covid, classes have been happening online, and rehearsals are on Zoom," says Varsha Rajkumar.

Taking to the online stage, the 3 day program encompassing all students will happen on November 21st, 22nd & 23rd. Distinguished guests for the program are Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant (Guru of Anitha Guha), Rama Vaidyanathan and Cleveland V.V. Sundaram.

Nov 21: Day 1 will showcase a select number of solo performances by the senior most students of Bharathanjali, among which some are now established solo artistes in the dance field - Aishwarya Balasubramanian, Medha Hari, Sathvikaa Shankar, Janane Sethunarayanan, Yatin Agarwal, Nivedita Ganeshram, Smrithi Krishnamoorthy, Priyanka Raghuraman, Lakshitha Saravanan, Sweta Shankar and Jyothsna Akilan.

Nov 22: Day 2 is exclusively for artistes who have been a part of Anitha Guha's Nritya Natakams - Dr. Janaki Rangarajan, Maalika, Nidheesh Kumar and Indhu Nidheesh, Renjith and Vijna, Pavitra Krishna Bhat, Mithun Shyam, Yogesh Kumar Somana, Jayalakshmi Anand and Anand Sachidanandan, Sumithra Subramanian, Shruthipriya Ravi, Kailasanatha PK, Arjun Rakesh and Ashwin Sidhaarth, and finally Madhusudhanan and group.

Nov 23: On Day 3, Bharathanjali premieres NAMA RAMAYANA choreographed by Anitha Guha. The choreography process began in the month of April, at a time when online classes became the new normal. Anitha Guha was very keen to choreograph to the divine version of MS Subbulakshmi's Nama Ramayana, given how soulful the rendition is and also because of its accessibility to all students at a time where recording sessions were not possible. This project is all the more special as Guha has choreographed this piece for close to 60 students online! Along with this will be a few group presentations by the young students of Bharathanjali who are trained by the faculty members online, and also a few favourite excerpts from the yesteryear productions will be showcased.

Coming to the central part of the three day function, is a list of artistes who have contributed to the art with immense dedication, hard work and humility. As a small form of appreciation, Bharathanjali would like to honour them for their work in the field of dance and music. Owing to the current situation, the awardees will be announced online and the artistes will be personally honoured next year during Baba's 96th Jayanthi.

The following are the list of awardees - Dr Ananda Shankar Jayant (Kalpana Praveena Acharya Sundaram), Priyadarsini Govind (Sathya Nrithya Sundaram), Jayashree Rajagopalan (Sathya Bharatha Nrithya Sundaram), Bragha Bessell (Sathya Abhinaya Sundaram), Isaikavi Ramanan (Sathya Bharadhi Sundaram), Raghunathan, Secretary Vani Mahal (Kala Poshaka Sundaram), Sreevathson V (Sathya Nataka Sundaram), Nandini Anand Sharma (Gana Kokila Sundaram), Padmini Krishnamoorthy (Laya Jaala Sundaram), Vasudevan (Sathya Kalakara Sundaram), Vijay Madhavan Regu (Sathya Panditha Sundaram), G. R. Praveen (Sathya Gandharva Gana Sundaram), Nandini Sai Giridhar (Sathya Gana Sunadha Sundaram).

The three day program will be premiered live on the YouTube channel of Anitha Guha's Bharathanjali at 6.30pm (IST) on November 21st, 22nd and 23rd in partnership with Alaap Concepts for the technical support needed for the event.


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