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Attakkalari presents
August with Masters
Weekend Masterclasses
August 15-30, 2020

August 7, 2020

Experience the tradition from home
Unlock the secrets that lie within the traditional physical wisdom of the Indian performing arts! From the north to the south, east to the west, India has one of the richest offerings of dance and music in the world. This edition of AUGUST WITH MASTERS will bring the wealth of some of these treasures right to your screens, at home. Attakkalari's August with Masters 2020 brings together 6 gems who are masters in their art forms over 3 weekends of online masterclasses this month - an unmissable opportunity to delve deeper to discover precious aspects of their disciplines.

August 15 & 16, 2020 / 7pm - 9pm IST

Masterclass Focus: Abhinaya - Padam, Javali, Devaranama and Ashtapadi are an integral part of Bharatanatyam repertoire. Through a composition, participants will expand their artistry, expression and ability to convey emotions.
Music for the composition will be shared with the students.

Born into a family of artists, Praveen Kumar lives a life that is wholeheartedly and purposefully dedicated to Bharatanatyam. He was trained under eminent gurus Smt. Narmada and Shri. C.V.Chandrasekhar, has travelled extensively around the globe as a teacher and performer. He was awarded the Ustad Bismilla Khan Yuva Parashar in 2010 from the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi and the Best Dancer of the Season by The Madras Music Academy for the year 2018 and 2019.

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August 15 & 16, 2020 / 5pm - 7pm IST

Chhau is an athletic yet graceful dance form that blends martial arts and folk traditions with the usage of masks and acrobatics performed in festivities. Movements in Chhau are inspired from nature and animals and employ beautiful spirals, gaits, thrusts and jumps. The vocabulary also includes movements holding a "phori" (shield) and "khanda" (sword).

Master Sapan Acharya is a fifth generation practitioner of an illustrious Seraikella Chhaau Dance family. He has trained under Guru Lingaraj Acharya, and later on from Late. Guru Bikram Kumbhakar (Phori Khanda), Late Suru Mukhi and Mangla Mukhi. Guru Sapan Acharya has performed and taught extensively in India and internationally. He was awarded the Kala Guru Samman in 2019 by Kala Mandali, New Delhi.

Masterclass Focus: Foundation Technique, Footwork Patterns and Chhau composition.
Music for the composition will be shared with the students.


August 22 & 23, 2020 / 5pm - 7pm IST

An ancient Indian martial art form that is dynamic, powerful and rooted in disciplined training. Movements are conceived of as a series of circular trajectories originating from and returning to the spine, particularly the Naabhi Moola (lower abdomen), where the energy gets revitalised before the next action commences. The fluid, earthy, sinuous and focused movements are interspersed with high-energy leaps and thrusts. A series of leg swings, stretches, bends and jumps are followed by exquisite sequences designed to give total body control, grace and power.

This practice originated in Kerala, and Sreerag C comes from a lineage of masters such as Guru Veerasree Sami Gurukkal. He has been practicing since he was 7 at the Hindustan Kalari Sangam in Calicut. Sreerag has performed and taught with Attakkalari throughout India and internationally.

Masterclass Focus: Ashta Vativukal (Foundation Postures), Body preparatory exercises and Meipayattu Sequence*
Sound track for the sequence will be shared with the students.


August 22 & 23, 2020 / 7pm - 9pm IST

Odissi is a form closely associated to dancing sculptures, due to the impeccable form it demands. Fluid movements of the torso with strong, swift movements of the lower body along with expressions and storytelling characterize Odissi.

Madhulita is an award-winning performer and teacher, known for her profound artistry and innate abhinaya quality. She is selflessly devoted to the promotion and popularisation of this artform. Her ensemble Nrityantar, is one of the most sought after classical dance troupes in India.

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Masterclass Focus: Odissi Technique, Viniyoga (hand gestures), Odissi composition.
Music for the composition will be shared with the students after the workshop.


August 29 & 30, 2020 / 5pm - 7pm IST

As one of the most ancient and unbroken Sanskrit (dance) theatre traditions of India, Koodiyattam has an elaborate enactment system where every word, situation and ancillary information is elaborated in detail. Hailing from Kerala, Koodiyattam is traditionally performed in temples and focuses on powerful storytelling and expression tools.

Usha Nangiar is known for her exquisite artistry and emotional delivery. She is an internationally acclaimed performer and teacher who learnt under the legendary performer and Guru Ammannur Madhava Chakyar for many years.

Masterclass Focus: Hasta Abhinaya, Mudras and Composition* - The training of the face, particularly eyes, eyebrows, cheeks etc. are elaborate in Koodiyattam. Breath is connected with the every movement of the enactment including the delivery of verses and dialogue. In Koodiyattam, Mudras (gestures) and expressions are taught by practicing the enactment of Ramayana Samkshepam (an abridged version of Ramayana)
Sound track for the composition will be shared with the students after the workshop.


August 29 & 30, 2020 / 7pm - 9pm IST

Rhythmic footwork, electric spins, the iconic sound of the ghungroos, graceful wrist work and expressive eyes make up some of the significant tools in the art of storytelling through Kathak.

Amartyya Chatterjee is an award-winning practitioner who believes the communication through dance is like silent poetry of our inner creativity. Known for her exquisite pure dance, beautiful lines and eloquent rendition of abhinaya (expressive dance), Amartyya Chatterjee's is a sought after teacher of the form. A torchbearer of the beautiful Lucknow Gharana, she is a disciple of Santosh Maharaj, Pt. Birju Maharajji and Vidushi Shaswati Sen. She is also an empanelled artist with the ICCR, Govt of India.

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Masterclass Focus: Spin technique, Taal paksha in Teental, Kathak composition
Music for the composition will be shared with the students after the workshop.


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