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Malavika Sarukkai presents
The Battle Within
Kamani Auditorium, 7pm
March 6, 2020 New Delhi

February 11, 2020

The eminent Bharatanatyam dancer-choreographer, Malavika Sarukkai, will present her latest creation The Battle Within - a dramatic interpretation inspired by the Bhagavad Gita, on Friday, March 6, 2020 in New Delhi.

The Bhagavad Gita is revealed on the battlefield of Kurukshetra which becomes both a physical and psychological arena. Though the context is the imminent war between two families, the Gita becomes a universal and timeless text for it addresses the conflict within each one of us.

The innovative visual design, an integral part of this choreography, uses light and projection -- both moving and still - to bring the text alive, as the dancing body sculpts space to create an intense experience. Sound, light, music, text and dance seamlessly converse with each other as the epic unfolds. The Stage Design is by Sumantra Ghosal, the renowned filmmaker, who has collaborated with Malavika Sarukkai on this production.

Powerful and passionate, The Battle Within has a running time of 70 minutes. It invites us to confront our personal dilemmas while we simultaneously enter the world of the imagination.

A Kalavaahini production, The Battle Within is at the Kamani auditorium on Friday, March 6, 2020 at 7pm.

Tickets are available on Bookmyshow and at the venue just before the concert. For Donor Passes for prime seats please write to

Concept & Choreography: Malavika Sarukkai
Creative Collaborator: Sumantra Ghosal
Music Concept: Malavika Sarukkai
Commissioned Music: Vasudha Ravi & Murali Parthasarathy
Music Production & Sound Design: Sai Shravanam, Resound India
Light Design & Technical Director: Niranjan Gokhale

Musicians in Recording: S. Srilatha (nattuvangam), Aditya Prakash & Vasudha Ravi (vocal), Nellai A Balaji (mridangam), Sai Shravanam (tabla, frame drum & keyboard), Bhavani  Prasad (veena), JB Sruthi Sagar (flute)

Photo Credit: Sudeep Bhattacharya

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