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Abhinava Dance Company presents
Rama Katha Vismaya-Feb 14
Maestros' Magic-Feb 15
ThaDheem conclave-Feb 15
Madanotsava-Feb 22

February 5, 2020

Nirupama and Rajendra, founder-directors of Abhinava Dance Company, having completed twenty-five years of service in classical dance working as choreographers, performers, producers, curators, and teachers, commemorate this journey with PARVA, a unique three-day festival (14th, 15th, and 22nd February 2020). Through various cultural initiatives they will engage the larger community in Indian classical art. The festival includes a grand Abhinava musical, a unique day-long interdisciplinary dance conclave, a maestro's special concert featuring Pt. Birju Maharaj and Dr. Padma Subrahmanayam, and the reconstruction of an ancient Indian festival welcoming spring.

14th February / 7 pm / Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru

Inaugural ceremony and RAMA KATHA VISMAYA, a musical that immerses the audience into a fantasy of a child (Krishna) while his mother (Yashoda) narrates a bedtime story about the wonders of Rama. This is an epic adventure with magic powers, surreal forests, and ethereal creatures filled with many jaw-dropping moments.

Concept, Choreography and Artistic Direction - Nirupama and Rajendra

Presentation - Abhinava Dance Company

Lyrics – Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh

Music - Praveen D Rao

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15th February / 6.30pm / Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru

MAESTROS’ MAGIC includes performances by dance legends Pandit Birju Maharaj and Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam.

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15th February / 9am to 4pm / Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Bengaluru

THADHEEM is a first-of-its-kind conclave that brings together great maestros who have been involved in dance in some way — either as a dancer, choreographer, musician, film director, or art critic. Dance enthusiasts and students all over India will be participating in this event. They will experience and understand the journey, the thoughts, and the innovations of these maestros. It will inspire them to explore further possibilities in their own genres and create something spectacular.

Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh: Natyashastra’s expanse in classical and popular media

Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam: Abhinaya – A holistic approach

Rajiv Menon: Classical music in films - influence, scope, limitations, and innovations

Saroj Khan: Adapting traditional dance movements for popular media

Pandit Birju Maharaj: Sringar – Then and Now

Dr.Rajkumar Bharathi: Advantages and limitations in using Carnatic music for dance and theatre

Pravin Godkhindi: Movement in music

Praveen D Rao: Story-telling through orchestration

In addition to these lectures, there will be a panel discussion as well as a question and answer session with these maestros.

22nd February / 7.30am to 9.30pm / Ramanjaneya Temple, Hanumanthanagar, Bengaluru

MADANOTHSAVA is the 1,600-year-old community festival that Abhinava Dance Company had revived in 2018. It is a day-long art festival filled with dance, music, painting, poetry, traditional games, and activities of cultural value. Madanothsava was a festival of love that was celebrated in the golden age of the Guptas when people welcomed spring with music, dance, poetry, plays, games, and community interaction. This festival is yet again being presented by Abhinava under the guidance of Shatavadhani Dr. R Ganesh.

Community activities:
Sahakara Bhanjikotsava - Simple dance around the Mango Tree

Charchari Nritya - A fun clap dance going in circles

Dolotsava - Games designed around Swings

Traditional Games Arena conducted by Sreeranjini

Concerts by:
Jayateerth Mevundi: Usha Geethe (Early morning concert)

Rajhesh Vaidhya: Carnatic music concert

Dr Sobha Shashikumar: Bharatanrityam

The Kirans and Rasika Dance ensemble: Bharatanatyam

Sharmila Mukherjee’s Sanjali Ensemble: Odissi

Veena Murthy Vijay and Shama Krishna: Kuchipudi

Prahlad Acharya: Shadow Art

Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh and team: A-pratimala

Diwakar Hegde: Talamaddale

Kavya-Chitra-Geetha-Nritya: Dr Nagavalli Nagaraj, Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh, Praveen D Rao, B K S Verma and Nirupama Rajendra

Abhinava Dance Company: Theme-related performances

For more information: / +91 99023 55722

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