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Pickle Factory presents
Contemporary dance company from Salzburg
Feb 9 - 15, 2020 Kolkata

Feb 2, 2020

Austrian choreographer Helene Weinzierl founded cieLaroque/helene weinzierl in 1995, after being a dancer for many years. The company has toured various festivals around the world presenting work in more than 300 cities. Her choreography draws our attention to sociopolitical realities of the world we live in, with a lightness of touch and disarming humour. Pickle Factory welcomes cieLaroque to India (Bangalore, Santiniketan, Calcutta) with a variety of performances workshops, and artist interactions.

WORKSHOPS - Feb 9, 2020

For practitioners:
11am to 1pm: 'Imprint' with Luan de Lima
3pm to 5pm: 'Improvisation' with Uwe Brauns
@ Kolkata Centre for Creativity
Rs.500 for 1 workshop, Rs.800 for both!
Call 9674140905 or email

For all backgrounds:
4pm to 7pm: 'The Practice of Relations' with Alberto Cissello
@ Song of Woods Studio, Alipur
Call 9073642023

"The audience are the people who surround me, who I deal with in life, on stage, who make up our society and if I/we can stimulate the audience to think, or deal, discuss about the theme/topics of one of our creations, that makes me happy. It is important that each individual tries to determine his or her life as best as possible and this requires responsible, critical, alert people in our world."
~ Helene Weinzier

In these two participatory sessions, company member Luan de Lima takes us through the motivations for Helene Weinzierl's ground-breaking choreographic work addressing vital questions:
-the importance of approaching socio-political topics, and how this affects the practice
-the power and participation of the spectator
-the use of humour and irony

Charges: Both sessions: Rs. 500 / One session: Rs 300
Participants are entitled to discounted entry for the performances. Register here

At: Kolkata Centre for Creativity

14 February, 6.45pm
Three bodies move through space. They are isolated in their own inner worlds. Can they create a change in their reality - even a new reality? Or will their stories repeat themselves over and over again?
It's all about...awareness, connections, dreams, love, trust, protection, life and death.

15 February, 6.45pm
The mutation to the crash-test dummy begins when you enter the room. Explore your limits of tolerance. Welcome to the experiment. How far can we fly? As Far As We Are is charming at first, but slowly the smiles will start to crack and reveal places of discomfort. An experiment one should not miss. An experiment for a reality check of the self.
As Far As We Are will take you as far as you can get...
[This performance is preceded by a conversation with the choreographer at 5.30pm]

Click here to book
One performance: Rs 300
Both performances: Rs. 500
Discounts available for workshop participants and dance students - limited seats.
Call 9830885010 for information.


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