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Sangeet Vidya Niketan presents
Tala & Arasa Workshop
By Shiv Shankar Satpathy & Madhur Gupta
Sept 27, 2020

Sangeet Vidya Niketan plans to conduct a tala and arasa online workshop taught by Mardala exponent Shiv Shankar Satpathy and Odissi practitioner Madhur Gupta on the 27th of September from 4 - 6pm.

Tāla - It is the term used in Indian classical music & dance to refer to a musical meter, that is a rhythmic beat or strike that measures musical time in a cyclical pattern.

Arasā - It is a composition of bols/ukutas woven together to create rhythmic patterns exploring pure dance/nritta movements intrinsic to Odissi technique.

This workshop is best for those beginning to learn the nuances of the style or those who wish to deepen their understanding of how rhythmic patterns are interwoven in Odissi compositions.

Workshop Schedule:
4pm - 5pm: Learning a basic arasa in ektali tishra jati

5pm - 6pm: Basic tala theory & practicals class

About the teachers:
Shiv Shankar Satpathy has been learning Odissi mardal under the guidance of Guru Dhaneswar Swain for the past 20 years. He has performed with the acclaimed Nrityagram Dance Ensemble in India & abroad for 5 years (2010-15) & is currently accompanying Parwati Dutta's Mahagami Gurukul since 2018.

Madhur Gupta, a disciple of Guru Sharon Lowen, is one of the leading Odissi dance exponents of his generation. He is also an author & columnist widely featured in national & international publications for his sensitive writings in the field of arts & culture. Apart from performing & writing, Madhur also teaches Odissi at Sangeet Vidya Niketan, New Delhi.

About Sangeet Vidya Niketan
Sangeet Vidya Niketan, through its efforts to bring the art of Indian classical dance and music into the core of everyday life of those initiated and uninitiated, aims at providing a creative oasis for the community at large.

Date - 27th Sept 2020
Time - 4pm to 6pm IST
Venue - Zoom meetings
Suggested donation - 750 INR (500 INR for friends, patrons & students of SVN)

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