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Attakkalari presents
Diploma in Movement Arts & Pedagogy
For Sept 2023-24, Bangalore
Applications open

Attakkalari - Diploma in Movement Arts and Pedagogy

Attakkalari Centre of Movement Arts is relaunching the Diploma in Movement Arts and Pedagogy. This program, which commences in September 2023, is a unique, comprehensive and fully professional dance education programme that offers knowledge from India’s rich physical and performance traditions, as well as the latest information and skills from the global contemporary dance scene in equal measure. With added input from pedagogy, apprenticeship as well as modules in fitness and stage technologies, this course is the best way to build one's career in dance.
Introduced in 2006, the Diploma programme is powered by Attakkalari’s huge expertise and experience gained over the years through working with some of the most distinguished international choreographers, composers, teachers, light designers, digital artists and masters of Indian performance and physical and traditions. The aim of this program is to nurture and empower aspiring young dancers to become independent and thinking dance artists with the necessary skills to become performers, choreographers, teachers, resource persons, project managers and consultants. A carefully crafted internship programme at Attakkalari also offers students much-needed work experience that helps them to build their careers.

Anyone above 16 years of age, and has passed their 12th-grade Senior School Certificate Examination or equivalent, can apply for the program.

One can apply by filling out our registration form and opt for an online or studio audition.

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